How to Recover Deleted Mail form Lotus Notes

How to Prevent Data Loss

Data loss can be really catastrophic for any one so it would be wise on your path to avoid data loss on the first place. Some preventive measures are provided in the article. Data loss can put us in most adverse situation and even cause business failure; therefore I suggest taking all necessary steps to protect your data.

The Importance of Computer Backups

My computer had a meltdown last night. It was awful. After doing a routine set of Windows Updates I restarted my WXP system and the whole thing crashed. I run WXP on an iMac using virtualization software called VMware Fusion. There was no way to fix the virtual file and eventually I had to trash it.

Recovering Deleted Files Efficiently and Quickly

Recovering deleted files efficiently and quickly will eventually become something that just about every computer user is going to have to know how to do, whether he or she is using a PC or a Mac. This is because just about everybody will end up deleting a file or some other folder or the like that will turn out to have been very important and will now have to be recovered from deletion.

Pen Drive Security Issues

Pen drive is a blessing for business sectors and IT industry, but sometimes proves to be a hazardous device on security issues. Learn more.

Comparing Genie-Soft, Acronis, and Asigra Online Backup

There are various online backup software packages available in the current market, and in this article we’ll look at 3 of the most prominent, looking at the pros and cons of each one, and how exactly they go about looking after the valuable data of businesses and individuals. Asigra online backup software is one of the brands we’ll be going over, along with Acronis and finally Geniesoft backup software.

Use Software to Clone Hard Drive Data and Protect Yourself From Computer Disaster

One of the worst things that can happen to your computer is to have a total computer failure, without having a backup of your data and applications. If you do not have a method in place that will allow you to recover from these types of disasters, your data is at risk.

Computer File Recovery Survival Guide

At one time or another we all delete files that we wish we could get back. Computer file recovery is a process which can be made easier if you understand what actually happens when you delete a file. A deleted file does not disappear into cyberspace.

Use Online Backup to Avoid Disaster

Check out why online backup is so important to avoid the disaster of the loss of all your data and photos. Use secure online systems such as Mozy or Carbonite to automatically and securely make backups of all your important files.

What to Do With a Broken iPod

From time to time you may have the need to repair your iPod or to have someone else repair it for you. iPods are, of course, expensive devices and many consumers appreciate anything that can be done to curtail costs. iPod repair is appealing because you maintain control and you are more careful not to damage the music and files on your player.

Recover Deleted File and Your Stress Level

Your heart is racing and you have a paper due but the file you did your thesis on is gone from your computer. You have no idea where it is but its not there. Recover deleted file and reduce your stress level by following these easy steps.

Backup Policies and Disaster Recovery

For any business large or small there needs to be some sort of backup system to protect your information. Information can be anything from contact information to record keeping to actually information based products. Backing up information and preparing for a disaster can be done in many different ways but as long as you reach the same goal of protecting your information.

SmartCarving – The Key to Recovering More Photos

SmartCarving, a new recovery technique that improves the recovery rate of deleted files by actually analyzing the contents of each file. This greatly improves on the signature based techniques used in current recovery products, as they are unable to handle files that have been fragmented or corrupted.

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