How to Connect an External Monitor to a Laptop? [5 Solutions]

Advantages of Software Development Uisng Microsoft Technology

Software development is a core concept in software engineering.Software can be many different types example desktop,mobile and web application.Since the web development concept introduce in software development it was a complete revolution for software development industries, now days we have many different technologies for software and web application development,In this article our goal is to understand all of them.

Time to Pick a New Print MIS? 5 Expert Recommendations

Print manufacturers struggle to compete in todays low-margin environment. Better automation and data can really help them overcome the competition. We look at some best practices you need in your MIS/ERP system today. If you are wondering whether it is time to upgrade to something more modern, hopefully this article can help you judge when and what that upgrade should look like.

7 Ways to Save ERP Implementation Costs and Reduce Risks

This article is intended for either ERP consulting firms or ERP customers buying a new system. After many years of experimentation, I’ve developed a technique for lower risk, lower cost and fixed fee implementations. Here I explain the technique and how it is implemented. It is my hope that others will find this useful, even at the risk of giving away secrets.

Video Marketing – It’s Influence on Digital Marketing

This article gives detailed idea about Video Marketing. It also shows how video marketing has become important part of digital marketing.

Principles to Develop Mobile Apps

There’s a constant increase in the mobile app users, and each user has a unique demand. And the company has to cope up with each one.

How to Create a YouTube Video

This article is for those who want to edit there YouTube videos like a pro in PC, with limited resources. In this article, an individual can learn about how he can create a video in a professional manner, and he gets knowledge about video editing software as per his work requirement.

Machine Learning: “An Intelligent Way Towards Smarter CRM”

This article is about machine learning and its application with CRM technology. The article discusses the advancements and possibilities of machine learning along with CRM.

7 Big Tendy Technology That Will Urge In 2018

Today financial world has become more competitive. To acquire a sustainable position in a certain industry you need to know your competitors and their policy but it has become impossible due to the implementation of technology. This article is 7 Tendy Technology That Will Urge In 2018 That people should know.

Opencart, Magento or Shopify? How to Select the Best Framework for Your E-Commerce Store?

The online marketplace is growing at an astounding rate. The business is growing fast and almost all the business owners are dying to get a piece of the action.

Benefits Of Using Augmented Reality For Business

Earlier described in fiction stories or films, the augmented reality in business has come true with the technology which is now used in routine lives. This change took place a few years ago, and it is expected to boom over the digital world with even more significant impact.

5 Tips to Choose the Best Video Editing Software for Windows

Today, people use video editing software for a variety of purposes. For instance, if you are a vlogger, you may need this type of software program to edit your videos and render them into your desired format. This allows you to play the edited videos on different platforms, such as PC, mobile, and video players.

5 Benefits of Data Science Training

These days, the world of business revolves around data. As a matter of fact, data is on the list of some essential aspects of all types of industries. The reason is that it helps leaders make important decisions on the basis of statistical numbers, trends, and facts.

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