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I Back Up, Do You?

How often do you back up your personal data at home? In the world of professional IT this is a fundamental which causes tremendous grief when overlooked.

Computer Repair Services – Why You Need Them

If you live in Florida or Miami, then there are plenty of people offering computer repair Miami services and computer repair Florida services. Often, no matter how nicely we take care of our computer, whether we have the best anti-virus protection system, etc our computer do slow down at times.

Disk Duplicator – The Pros And Cons Of Hardware And Software Duplication

Disk duplicator, a hardware device, can sometimes be better than software. There are times the reverse is also true.

Be Ready to Handle Phishing Attacks

Lots of scams are prevalent in the internet nowadays that people should be wary of them and always be on guard. One of the most common internet scams is phishing. Actually, this thing started way back in 1987.

Data Recovery

It is the process of retrieving the data from the damaged or inaccessible parts of hard drive of your computer system. Recovery can be done from primary, secondary or temporary storage devices. Data recovery software is generally used when your hard drive is physically damaged or there are some logical errors in areas of hard drive.

Reasons Behind Data Loss

People with limited knowledge of computer normally suffer the pain of losing important data. This problem becomes much bigger if an organization losses its confidential data. on organizational level, data lost not only results in disruption in business operation, but also forces organization to spend a lot of money to recover the lost data.

Registry Easy: The Smart Way To Fix Your System

When a computer slows down, there are many possible reasons that can be attributed to its malfunction. One of which is the presence of errors within its registry, in which all the commands that the computer should execute for it to properly function is stored. Once the registry becomes corrupted, a lot of things happen that would surely not be favorable to you, which can all be solved by registry easy.

Registry Easy: Reviving Your PC

There are times when you find yourself struggling to make your computer work properly, but then it seems not to cooperate with you. In times like these, you will notice a lot of problems, especially when it comes to keeping the integrity of your PC even without removing your important data. Now, you can be relieved by the fact that all the fixes you need can be made for you by registry easy.

How to Split PST File in Outlook 2007

Massive PST size in Outlook 2007 can become the cause of PST corruption, which is a main problem leading to fatal data loss situations. In order to fix this problem, you can split PST file in Outlook 2007 using a third-party tool like PCVITA Split Magic software.

Protect Your Computer Against Viruses With a Good Backup Plan

Didn’t the antivirus just say it cleaned the infection? So why’s it back? Because the antivirus has been taken over by the virus.

What Is HDD Recovery?

Think for an instance, you have been working on your computer on a very important assignment given from your boss. You are just about to finish the assignment and you just went for a coffee. When you get back you see that your computer screen is black. You try to restart your computer but the same screen comes again and again. This may happen due to hard disk failure.

Types of Data Recovery

Hard disks are the most vital component of a computer system. Important data, application software and operating system, everything is stored in this component. A hard drive is usually considered to be the most reliable data storage device. However, it has many moving parts and sensitive logical data structure. At any instance these component of the hard drive may fail to work.

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