Recover Deleted Photos from Corrupt or Formatted SD card

Easily Resolve the “Card Locked” Error With Memory Card Recovery Software

In modern era, technology has reached at its peak and different types of advanced digital cameras and memory cards have been launched in the market. We use digital cameras to capture our priceless memories in the form of photos. And these digital cameras are capable of storing these countless photos in the memory cards.

The Right Option in Data Recovery

The appropriate solution for each specific data loss problem would be determined by the cause and extent of damage to the drive, in instances of hard drive crash. The size of the drive may also affect data recovery in the sense that files may be overwritten with new data.

Preventative Measures to Stop Your USB Flash Drive From Ending Up Down the Toilet!

There is no doubt that USB flash drive devices are a godsend when you want to take your files with you wherever it is that you want to go. The fact that they are so portable is what makes them a popular choice when it comes to backing up those important documents and files from your PC.

Tape Backup Software and Systems – Why Administrators Still Choose to Use Them

In this technological age of advanced HDD storage systems it is still surprising to see backup tapes in use by companies. This article takes a look at why tape backup software and autoloaders are still as popular as ever.

InnoDB Table Corruption Issues in MySQL 5.0

MySQL 5.0 is a featured version of MySQL- a series of Relational Database Management Systems. It offers a number of advanced and enhanced features over its previous releases. One of the major changes in MySQL 5.0 is the Error Control system. The application starts properly even if the InnoDB storage engine does not initialize. However it makes the InnoDB tables inaccessible and unusable.

Data Recovery Tools and Effective Options

Whenever some form of damage occurs to a computer there would probably be some form of data loss, recovery can be applied to revert the situation. It may be system errors, hard disk damage or far reaching accidents. Sometimes when the system drives are reformatted without first carrying out backup, you end up losing important data.

Repair Corrupted MDF Due to Unexpected Growth of Transaction Log File

Unexpected growth of transactional log file of MS SQL Server, makes the database inconsistent and sometimes damage it also. So, in order to repair the SQL server’s MDF file MDF Repair software is used.

How Would You Mount Linux System When the Superblock is Corrupted?

In a Linux file system, there are lots of blocks that are used to store all kinds of data. One of the types of data is the metadata that contains the its information. One of these metadata is the superblock, which keeps all the details of the file system such as size, block size, etc. Hence, the superblock is one of the most components of the Linux system.

How to Restore BKF Files in Case of Missing Catalog Files

A backup or the process of backing up refers to making copies of data so that these additional copies may be used to restore the original after a data loss event. Backup is the most important step to prevent data loss. Backups are useful primarily for two purposes.

Hard Drive Recovery

I am continuing to look into logical damage on hard drives and am going to use this article to detail two methods that can be used for the recovery of logical damage. Read for more…

3 Ways You Could Recover Your Lost Files If You Accidentally Damage Your USB Flash Drive

USB flash drives are wonderful little things! They are small enough to fit into your pocket and you can take them with you anywhere you want and anywhere in the world. But they do have a bad side to! They are pretty easy to damage.

List of Best Registry Cleaners If Manual Methods Fail

All versions of Windows includes a program that lets you edit the manually edit all aspects of the registry as long as you know what you are doing. But the best registry cleaners make the process simpler so it is highly recommended for new users to use when they encounter problems.

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