Stellar Recovery for Exchange Testimonial by Fabio Goncalves (IT Support Technician)

How to Recover Lost & Deleted Pictures From Nikon D3X CF Cards

Nikon D3X is a powerful digital camera that gives you excellent photography experience you may never had. However, you should handle the camera and its storage media carefully as improper handling may damage the media and cause photo loss situations.

Online Backups Are Simply the Most Secure Way of Protecting Your Data

Losing information stored on a computer can be shattering. Imagine an author who completed a good portion of a book, and all of a sudden the information is irretrievable. It hurts to imagine such an occurrence. A good online backup company that can be found through a web search, will give peace of mind, so that the above-mentioned situation could not occur.

DDR PC3200 Memory – What is It?

Today, the D.D.R P.C.3200 is apparently on top of the D.D.R.R.R. S.D.R.A.M. or the Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory stick. The ‘3200’ represents the stick’s high transferring rate while the word ‘PC’ represents for the Personal Computer.

Data Recovery Software – How it Works

Let’s face it, technology, wonderful and amazing and magical as it is, doesn’t always work. Even with high-end, top-of-the-line software and gadgets that are available to us today, chances are, we are still bound to encounter glitches and ‘technical difficulties’, and I’m sure that not even you have been spared from encountering such problems.

Ways to Recover Pictures From Digital Cameras

Memory cards can behave abruptly and get corrupt anytime and then there is always a risk of deleting the pictures accidentally. To safeguard pictures from loss, an updated backup proves a real help. And, in case there is no backup maintained, a Picture recovery tool can be of utmost help.

Troubleshooting Event Ids 9518, 9175, and 454 at MS Exchange Startup

The Event Ids in Microsoft Exchange Server form the most important parts of system diagnosis. These cryptic error messages allow the user to diagnose the logging problems. While there are various reasons for the occurrence of these event id, the most important is the corruption in the ‘Information Store’.

What to Save on External Hard Drive? (What to Use it For)

Ever wondered what you could use a external portable hard drive for? Here I give you some suggestions.

PC Backup Software Must Have Features

A good PC backup software program needs to be simple to use. One of the things I hear from my clients is that their previous backup program was too hard to use.

Data Recovery After Format

Inadvertent deletion of data while working at computer is the most common way that makes data loss in offices as well as at homes or sometimes system crash becomes the reason for reformatting hard drive of your computer. Files stored in hard drive generate data shadows. These data shadows have some of your files.

Macintosh Data Recovery – Back Up Instead

Data recovery services can cost you a lot of money. Instead of having to spend several dollars on getting your data back, back up everything on your Mac with already available software.

The Second Rule of Backing Up Files – Test Your Backup

Testing your backup files, part 2. Additional tips on how to test the quality of your backup. We’ll show you how to make sure the backups you have are working.

How to Recover Lost or Deleted Photos From Your Digital Camera

The photographs can get deleted in many scenarios including, physical and logical failures. Digital cameras rely on different kinds of memory cards which are highly prone to errors. Any kind of error could lead to photo deletion. But with a powerful Camera recovery tool in your hand, you need not worry anymore.

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