How to Shrink Partition in Windows 11/10/8/7

Introduction to Data Breach

Data security is the means of ensuring that data is safe from corruption and prevent it from getting accessed by anyone or the public. If you think you are safe from getting your personal information from being hacked or sucked out because you have preventive software installed like an antivirus anti-spyware, or anti-malware installed or have a very secured login password, then you are wrong. You have only secured your computer but not the one responsible for storing and removing data, the hard disk drive.

Choosing an Online Backup Service

Online backups provide a great solution for data protection and disaster recovery. But before you run off and pick a backup service for your critical business data based on price alone there are a few other things you really need to consider.

What Is Online Storage And Why Do We Need It?

You need to get that report out first thing tomorrow morning and it is knock-off time at the office. You’ve got a long train ride back home and would like to make use of that time to proofread the report on your iPad or Android device and make minor edits. Finally when you get home, you’d like to open that same report and continue to work on it with the convenience of a full size keyboard and mouse. How can you ensure that you are working on the same report across all your computers, devices and locations?

How to Make Data Feed Management Successful for Your Venture

The propelling principle behind data feed management is this: “If your customers won’t come to you, come to them.” If utilized properly, this web marketing instrument guarantees infinite potential.

Erasing Information From A Hard Disk Drive

A hard disk is a non-volatile, random access digital magnetic disk storage device. Its function is to store a large amount of data in the non-volatile form so when the computer is powered off, the data remains and will be accessible when it is powered on again. Hard disks were first developed in 1956 as data storage for data storage of an IBM real-time transaction processing computers.

How To Destroy Data The DOD Way

Unauthorized use of confidential data contained in computer hard drives poses a serious threat that any business or organization may face. No matter how many millions of dollars these businesses spend on securing the file when it is being used if security measures when the data or hard disk reaches its end life. When dealing with end-of-life data, there are a number of security measures you can perform to ensure that your data is securely and permanently destroyed.

Crucial IT Support and Services for Disaster Recovery: An Overview

  Most Atlanta business owners remember when Atlanta was struck in 2008 by a tornado that damaged multiple buildings in the downtown area, and when continuous rains in 2009 caused major flooding in the city and suburbs. These types of disasters demonstrate how natural events can halt daily business, and potentially put companies out of business by destroying the IT network. Although companies cannot prevent disasters from ravaging their location, they can avoid going out of business by retaining IT support and services for disaster recovery from a managed services provider.

Introduction to File Shredders

Data security is where most people get confused. When you delete a confidential file and permanently delete it by emptying the trash or recycle bin, it is not actually gone from your disk. It is hidden somewhere an operating system don’t usually see but using some recovery software anybody can recover the file.

E-Waste Recycling – A Cheaper Data Destruction Alternative

E-waste recycling is a method of creating something new from a disposed of electronic equipment like a hard disk drive. Data destruction, on the other hand, is the process of destroying sensitive information in your HDD. A common mistake is when a disk drive malfunctions, all the files in it will become unreadable, as well.

Cloud Backup – Relieving Organizations of Their Data Backup Worries

In this article we should learn about the method and technical aspects of backing up our important data and its recovery options. Number of backup options ranging from tape drives to Blu-ray discs, none of the options offer the level of reliability as offered by cloud backup solutions.

How to Choose an Executor for Your Digital Legacy

The management of your digital legacy is important and so is choosing your digital executor. Who do you trust enough to handle your digital affairs once you are gone?

Ways How You Can Destroy Your Data

When you are getting rid of your computer or you are selling your old disk erasing files and formatting the disk is not enough. Below are some ways to destroy all your data. Complete Data Destruction: Hard Drive Wipe If you are going to sell or donate your hard disk, make sure that your sensitive information is removed.

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