Create WinPE bootable disk with EaseUS Todo Backup

ISO 24762, and ISO Standard For Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is an important issue during IT operation and management. For several years, there is no detail standard about how Disaster Recovery Management should be performed in the company. Recently the ISO released the new ISO for IT Disaster Recovery.

4 Good Reasons to Hire Professional Data Recovery Services

Imagine what would happen if your computer hard disk crashed unexpectedly and you discovered that your personal data had not been backed up for several months. Here are four good reasons why you should call in the data recovery experts.

When to Use Professional Data Recovery Services

Professional data recovery services can be of assistance if your computer hard drive crashes and you end up losing all your data, or if you are unable to access the data on your computers’ hard drive. The process of data recovery can be a delicate operation which takes up a considerable amount of time and energy, as well as a lot of technical expertise to retrieve the lost data in its original format. If this process is done incorrectly, it can lead to a worst case scenario where your hard drive is damaged to the extent…

Archiving Helps Businesses ‘Greenify’ Data Storage

Archiving is a primary method for data footprint reduction. Archiving helps businesses reduce their power consumption and IT resources without sacrificing functionality. In fact, every green technology mentioned in this article actually increases functionality and reduces the cost of information lifecycle management.

Is Your Online Data Storage Secure?

Online backup is growing in popularity as an easy, safe, and inexpensive part of businesses’ disaster recovery plans. Before implementing such a program, you need to be sure that your backup provider offers a secure environment for your data.

Remote Backups Make Unattended Operations Easy

Although offsite data backups are a key part of a data recovery program, they can be time consuming and troublesome. Using an online server backup program means that your vital system information can be protected with a quick and truly unattended process. No Media Juggling Traditional backups to external media are often called “unattended” but in reality require an operator to be on site.

Backup Vs Business Continuity

There has been a lot of talk about the remote backup services used throughout the world, and a lot of clients interested in taking advantage of this common service – however, based on what I have seen and heard recently, they are a few simple factors that are being missed that can make the entire backup a waste of time. So what are these issues. Clients must always remember or at least realise why they completed the remote backup.

Best Practices For Creating Typical Data Backups

Repairing a hard drive efficiently takes a lot of effort, practice, experience, & research. It is not an activity that one can pick up in an evening & start disassembling & reassembling hard drives the next day. Having the data recovered in the first instance the hard drive is sent to the data recovery specialist is essential!

Online Data Backups Are Not a Bad Idea

Data is important for anybody who uses a computer. For folks who make a living using their computers, data is even more important! Losing the data is a thing that cannot be taken lightly. Hence, frequent data backups are crucial.

Outlook Backup – Simple Solution For Home Users

A lot of home users look for a backup solution because they just need to back up one thing – Outlook mail. If you are new to backup and don’t know what data recovery is all about, but still need to protect your Outlook data, you may start searching web forums where they discuss data backup and recovery, which will most likely cause you even more confusion up to a point where you actually want to give up the whole idea of finding a simple Outlook backup plan.

RAID 0 Failure – The Dangers of Using RAID 0 Arrays

This article includes a discussion on the dangers of using RAID 0 arrays. Included is an explanation on how RAID 0 works, and how users can safeguard data on this type of array.

A Practical Hard Drive Data Recovery Solution

Hard drive data recovery is the recovery of data files from a hard drive where the files lost as a result of accidental deletion, corruption, failure or physical damage to your computer hard drive. This articles provides practical information on backing up and restoring your data in the event of your computer hard drive failing or breaking down.

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