How to Recover lost or deleted files for FREE!

What Is Exchange Migration?

If you’ve come across this term and wondered what exactly it meant, you’re not the only one. After some research you will discover what a wonderfully apt term it is.

How to Find Solutions for Computer Problems

So, if you possess basic computer knowledge then solving petty issues will not be big concern for you. If you have very little knowledge about the functionalists of computers then you can simply log on to the Internet and find all possible answers to your queries easily.

The Best Remote Backup Service Around – What to Consider

Interested in learning about the best remote backup services no the web? This article gives a detailed explanation of what to look for when choosing a remote backup service.

Recover Deleted Files – No Need To Panic

The Internet is swarmed with software that recover deleted files. Blogs and technical forums are also full of topics under the genre of ‘recovering files’, ‘undeleting files’ etc. The problem is that as processing power increases and digital solutions are enhanced, the chance of human error is always on the rise. The concept is simple. If someone with a Terabyte of storage space makes a mistake and in contrast, a user with a 120 Gigabyte of storage space makes a mistake, who is more likely to face greater repercussions?

Repair Excel File When Data Becomes Inaccessible

The Excel file corruption may occur due to various external. However, this issue can be resolved by following preventive measures and using repair excel tool. The article describes the ways to avoid Excel file damage and repair damage Excel file.

SQL Backup in Every Recovery Plan

Do you own a computer? Having a computer means you should have a backup plan in the case you have a crash or some other type of damage happened to your computer causing it to wipe everything out of your computer.

SQL Backup Can Get You Running Again

If you run a business and find that you are constantly moving information from one place to the next, you should always have the proper backup program as a way to keep all of your information secure and private. For this reason, several people opt for using an SQL backup program.

Mount Command Does Not Work in Linux Due to File System Corruption

Linux is a popular open source UNIX-like operating system that organizes all your files in a tree structure. All the files are rooted at ‘/’ or root directory. In order to attach any file…

Three Reasons Why An SQL Backup Is Vital Right Now

Even if you live or work in an area that is not subject to hurricanes, earthquakes, or flooding, you just never know when a pipe will spring a leak, when the sprinklers will go off, or when someone will drop a cup of coffee right into the server. By having a backup, you will allow yourself a lot more freedom to work, knowing that should anything happen, you will be able to quickly recover.

Home Digital Image Recovery

There are many reasons way you can not access the images taken. It may be due to camera problem, memory card problem, improper usage, damaged contacts, etc. Fortunately, there is a way to recover saved image files.

Features to an SQL Backup

There is more than one advantage to backing up your data on a remote server as opposed to a local one. Having your information stored somewhere out of your home adds security as well as privacy from unwanted eyes getting access to it. In case you’re home computer or business computers crash or something else happens, at least you have the info somewhere else for easy restoration.

How to Choose the Right SQL Backup Program for Your Server

An SQL backup program must not only be easy to use, but it should be easy to restore the data from. In other words, being able to back up with ease is one thing, but you should also be quickly and easily able to restore your data.

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