How to recover deleted photos from Google Photos?

ASUS Looks to Enter the Cloud Storage Market

The world’s fifth largest PC vendor, Asustek Computer Inc., is looking to expand into the cloud service space in a big way with its unveiling of the ASUS Cloud Platform, an updated rendition of their WebStorage file hosting service.

Your Guide to Business Telephony

Most businesses have been using ISDN telephony since 1988 – the system used by your normal phone and carried through traditional telephone lines. It’s now seen as quite an antiquated system and will soon be taken over by new technology. Digital is everywhere and analogue no longer has the appeal that it used to.

Heartbleed Bug

According to Gary Davis, vice president of global marketing for McAfee Consumer division, it is important to understand that Heartbleed is not a virus, but an error programmed into the OpenSSL encryption code – a security standard that encrypts communications between you and the servers supplied by most online services. Although the bug has been announced just recently, he has been present in OpenSSL versions released since March 14, 2012, giving several opportunities for attackers to steal certificates or other confidential information. The problem is serious The OpenSSL cryptographic library protects usernames, passwords, credit…

Cloud Computing Applications

Cloud computing refers to accessing and storing programs and data online. A cloud computing system will have two ends, the computer user end and the cloud computing system end, which are connected through a network, generally the Internet. Cloud systems of today are known for their redundancy and subsequently reliability. This is also the reason why cloud services are so popular nowadays. In order to achieve this level of security, cloud computing companies use several servers and devices to make copies of the data they store. Because of its nature, the applications based on cloud technology are basically limitless.

The Benefits of Online Backup Services

Companies these days generate a large amount of data every year and their storage needs become more pressing. Any responsible company needs a way to make sure its data is kept safely against any possible disaster. Everything from emails and presentations to financial information and every other document, needs to have a safe place to be stored. If a few years ago all companies had large storage rooms filled with files, these days the virtual alternative is preferred by most firms. Online backup offers people the chance to store their information safely and benefit from a great number of advantages.

Should You Move Your Business E-Mail to the Cloud

Many businesses are moving to cloud hosted e-mail because of the numerous advantages it offers, not least the cost savings. Cloud computing enables us to stay connected even when we are on the move and it is set to revolutionise the way we do business.

Outsourcing Your IT

It seems to be the buzz word amongst smaller businesses at the moment: outsourcing. There is no doubt that the development of technologies that enable us to contact each other on the move has led to many changes in business practice.

The Day My PC Crashed

On Thursday 20th February 2014 my PC crashed and I could not recover it this time without some major surgery. I knew it was coming. My PC had slowed down markedly all of a sudden and I could hear the disc chattering more than usual. Sounded like bad sectors to me (areas on the disc probably worn out). And which bits of the disc get used the most? Yep, the important bits where the operating system lives.

Understanding RAID

RAID is a common term in the world of computers. Perhaps you have come across it when you are deciding to purchase a new computer. Just what is RAID?

Blank WordPress Dashboard Screen?

When you log in to your WordPress dashboard, are you seeing a blank white screen, with only the dashboard menu items on the left hand side? Here are the steps we have successfully used to restore missing WordPress dashboard content.

Ways To Recover Permanently Deleted Files From The Hard Drive Of Your Computer

The world of today is unthinkable without computers. Not only do your rely on it for your source of livelihood, it is also used as a mode of communication and entertainment. But sometimes due to some mishaps some important files containing vital information can get deleted from your laptop or PC. The natural reaction in such situations is a panic attack! But what if you knew some tricks to retrieve those files that you may have lost? Sounds interesting doesn’t it? So read on to find out more.

Shaping Data Warehouse Architecture With Advanced Analytics

Technology is growing at an astonishing rate and consequently shaping the world of business. However, only a business that is willing to embrace such changes is bound to make it big or rather achieve competitive advantage over the rest.

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