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Windows Server Backup Top Features

Choosing the best windows server backup should be a company’s top priority. The hub in any manufacturing or business firm is the server. Since it contains the database with the systematized collection of production…

Data Loss Prevention Tips

Data loss prevention is crucial in homes, businesses, or companies. Fires, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, virus, Trojan, and worms are the major reasons of losing data. Moreover, statistics…

All Types of Data Recovery Service Provider

Data recovery refers to the retrieval of lost data or information on your computer or electronic device owing to physical damage, virus attack, presence of corrupt or broken files etc. The Operating system becomes unable to read and identify the cluster of data due to the damage.

Exchange Server Backup – A Need for All Businesses

Exchange server backup is an essential task in system administration. Exchange server is a server in Microsoft that handles email messaging system. Microsoft outlook program is used by the clients with features that include email, calendar, contacts and tasks. Now imagine an exchange server with thousands of clients without a backup program. Moreover, imagine the hard disk of this server to crash or get corrupted. Hard disk must be fully replaced or system must be reinstalled.

How to Choose the Best Online Backup for Business

Online backup for business is a technique of data loss prevention wherein files, emails, projects or entire computer system files are copied and saved offsite. Because of the…

Mobile Cloud Computing Changing the Face of Business

Apple has made much of iCloud’s launch – and while it’s easy to be wary of hype, Apple’s past successes have made the world take notice of cloud services. So what does it herald for businesses?

Hard Drive Failures Are Commonly Misdiagnosed As Viruses Or Other Computer Repair Issues

  Computer hard drive failures are the number one most misdiagnosed computer repair issue by home PC users and inexperienced computer service center technicians. By the time most people determine for themselves that their computers hard drive is failing, they have already lost much or all of their valuable data and are they’re facing a costly and possibly unsuccessful data recovery job.

3 Major Risks of Cloud Computing: Does USB Encryption Offer More Security?

Cloud computing is a relatively new form of data storage technology. With this method, information is stored on various, inter-connected servers where it can be accessed via Internet. As cloud computing is quickly gaining prominence, it is important to fully understand the technology and its risks.

Planning Your Exchange 2010 Migration

So now armed with this knowledge, you can confidently plan your Exchange 2010 migration knowing that even the big guys are making the leap. If you also choose to migrate your email to a 3rd party cloud service, you’ll find the additional benefit of a team of experts that can help you every step of the way making the transition so easy that you’ll be left asking yourself why you hadn’t moved to the cloud sooner!

Tape Versus Online Backup

Today many organisations continue to use traditional magnetic tapes to backup, store and protect their businesses ‘life-blood’ or data. Over the last several years, Microsoft introduced additional supported devices into their popular freely supplied backup software to enable users to leverage removable USB hard disk drives. This is an interesting move by Microsoft as traditionally, storing data on a hard disk drive has never been considered best practice due to the risk of hard disk failure.

Why We Need More EDI?

EDI services allow companies to exchange essential (and confidential) business information quickly and easily between multiple independent partners in a secure environment through either the internet or the EDI VAN network. Many Uses Of EDI EDI is extremely user-friendly. Most web-Based EDI transactions require little or no configuration on part of the client.

Data Storage and Recovery Through Cloud Computing

For those that were already familiar with the advantages that cloud services and cloud computing in particular has to offer, it seems like these are a logical technological step. Doubtless they will cut costs by trimming IT overheads but there are many other advantages to the whole system from improved efficiency to greater security when it comes to the question of important data.

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