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Data Link Layer of the OSI Reference Model

Data link layer is the second layer among the seven layers in the OSI reference model. This layer ensures that the data from the physical layer is error free and in case there are errors, it takes corrective measures to rectify them. This layer is responsible for transferring data between the network nodes.

Is Tape Backup Really Your Best Solution?

Is tape backup really the best solution for storing, preserving and protecting your critical information ? The answer we are hearing from more and more businesses is an overwhelming No! Numerous clients have referred to some of the many recent instances of stolen laptops that have contained thousands (or more!) of sensitive customer records that have potentially been compromised from their backup tapes. Other clients have mentioned critical financial data being lost or damaged as a result of flooding.

DC Data Recovery – What Would You Do If Your Data Crashed?

DC Data recovery services are vital for the health of the precious data of both personal and business computers. Regardless of the precautions that are taken, its almost always inevitable that some type of data recovery services will be needed in the future. There are various problems that can arise within your data, and you should leave it up to a professional to diagnose your problems and to use the correct tools to solve your data recovery problems. This article describes different problems that could arise, and a brief description of how they can be fixed by a professional in your local Washington DC area.

Recovering Deleted Text Messages – Is it Possible to Get Your Lost Text Messages Back?

Did you accidentally delete your text messages? Or did a friend grab your phone and do it for you? Relax. You’re not alone.

How the Prevention of RAID Failure Might Be Your Saving Grace

Detecting and preventing data problems and subsequent RAID failure before it happens is always better than trying to fix them when they rear their ugly heads. RAID’s goal is to increase data reliability, but as we know, technology performance is not always as reliable as we hope it will be, so we should always prepare ourselves accordingly. There are ways for you to prevent the loss of your precious data, and who wouldn’t want to avoid the drama of systems mysteriously, leaving us without easy access to our RAID drives…

Is it Possible to Recover Deleted Cell Phone Pictures? How to Get Your Lost Cell Phone Pics Back

Did you recently delete an important cell phone picture and want it back? If you’re reading this article, then I’m sure the answer is “Yes”. Don’t worry – people accidentally erase cell phone pictures all the time. Whether it was simply human error, or something you did on purpose that you later regretted, there is a way to get your deleted cell phone pics back.

Data Center Management – A Behind the Scenes Look

Successful data center management involves a number of factors and has become the lifeblood of businesses today. Data center management and proper data center optimization is one of the keys to a successful service and the major factors driving large organizations toward this goal.

Back Up Your PC

Do you have digital images and family photos stored on your PC? If you do, what value do you put on the family photos (from the last year, or two, or three)?

Backing Up Your Computer Hard Drive

Millions of people suffer from their computers crashing every day. When this happens important data information, and media is lost. If it is crucial enough they will have to pay a company to retrieve it, which is costly and does not guarantee that all will be regained. There are simple steps an individual can take to save their data and sentimental media that gets saved on a computer hard drive. Losing important documents and photos can be heart wrenching. That is why a person should always back their data, photos, media, and documents with back up discs.

BKF Data Recovery Software

MS Windows backup utility tool, NTBackup can also be destroyed because of reasons like file system corruption or operating system failure. In that case an MS backup repair software can help you a great deal. SysTools software is fast and easy; in no time you will get your lost data treasure back.

Why is Remote Backup Software Important?

Checking emails, latest company news, or updating worksheets are more often done somewhere else aside from their office desks by most employees, almost 200 million of them. More or less 70% of these workers are facing the risk of having their data unprotected because they don’t use a remote backup software. Important data loss is inevitable because of this.

Resolving “Error30 – Format CF Card Before Use” In Sony Cyber-Shot DSC R1

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC R1 is a fully furnished digital camera that possess 10.3 Mega pixel of resolution. With its 5x optical zoom feature, the camera is capable of delivering excellent image quality.

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