How to create a bootable disk

Basic Deadly Signs That Your Computer is About to Crash

Here are just but a few of the errors that act as an indication of hard drive failure. The ‘hard drive not formatted’ error usually indicates that a hard drive partition has been damaged, deleted or corrupted.

Laptop Hard Disk Recovery – How to Avoid Virus Attacks

Virus attacks are like traffic jams that you always wish you could avoid. Viruses hide in your computer pretending to be very useful application that can help improve your computer performance. First note that viruses come through removable devices that you connect to your computer.

How to Recover Deleted Files From a Recycle Bin Quickly and Safely

Do you need to retrieve files deleted from the recycle bin? Learn how here!

Low Cost Solutions to Backing Up Data

Finding low cost solutions to data backup isn’t hard. Preventing data loss is by far a better option than trying to recover it when you need it. Here are some ways to prevent data loss.

Online Backup Systems – Avoid Nightmares at Tax Time

It’s critically important for everyone to backup their computer data, but sadly, not everyone follows through. Perhaps this chilling scenario will encourage procrastinators that the time to backup is now!

Common Signs of a Hard Drive Failure

Hanging and freezing of the system: It is possible that at times when one is using their PC, it comes to a sudden halt. Even navigation of the mouse does not work. This means the system has hung.

File Recovery Formatted OS – Can You Recover Files From a Formatted Hard Drive?

Want to recover files from a freshly formatted hard drive? You have come to the right place.

Recover Deleted Email – Do You Want to Know How to Restore Deleted Emails Easily?

Deleted emails are not lost forever if you use the right software. Learn all about it here.

Remote Data Backup Software Protects Your Digital Assets

Most IT professionals agree that getting laptop computers backed up can be a challenging task at the best of times and troublesome if not unattainable at the worst of times. Remote backups must be done to secure the companies data. Remote data backup gives the business the ability to backup those laptop computers, wherever they are, whether that be in the office, or in a offsite location, thereby preserving that crucial info safe.

Recover My Files Now

One common desire in the hearts and minds of some people who own or operate a computer system and/or digital devices is knowing how to reverse or correct delete errors and mistakes while making use of their device or unit. Recovery of any file is possible and can be done in an instant.

Remote Server Backup – How Reliable and Secure is It?

Just how reliable is a remote server backup solution, really? It is being touted as the latest innovation in disaster recovery, high availability, and business continuity for the small-to-medium sized business owner: The ability to have the files on your desktop computer or even your servers being backed up, in real-time, over the Internet, on autopilot.

External Hard Drive Data Recovery – Recovering Data From the External Hard Drive

Is it harder to recover data that has been lost form an external hard drive than an internal one? According to the experts who continually work hard to recover data from each of these sources there is no difference. They are both quite complex but there are a few additional steps to consider when you are trying to recovery data from an external hard drive.

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