Comment récupérer des photos supprimées – How to Recover Deleted Photos

Recovering Lost Data

All computer users should have access to data recovery information. Almost everyone uses some type of computer daily, whether it is a laptop, desktop of another kind of device, like a mobile phone, iPhone, iPad or MP3 player.

Types of Data Loss and Recovery Options

This article summarizes the two different categories of data loss, and their severity. The article also gives suggestions to the user as to how to deal with the two types of data loss.

Driver Updates

Everyone who owns a computer should regularly update their drivers. The reason for this is to avoid computer crashes, freezing, etc.

Is Laptop Hard Drive Recovery Possible?

A laptop computer enables people or a business professional to carry his office with him, and enables him to work and also stay in business also whenever he isn’t at home or in his or her work place. Thus, it is obvious that a laptop would generally be stored with vital business and official data.

Shared Library Error – LINUX Data Recovery Solution

The system library is a collection of programs, subroutines or executables, which can be used by other independent programs. While working in a Linux system, sometimes you fail to start applications or even face problems in accessing the files associated with some applications following error messages related to various library functions. Such issues occur due to the corruption, damage or deletion of library files, which are necessary for the applications to run.

Automatic Data Backup – Local Backup

To understand the function of PC backup software, it is necessary that one understands the problem that this software addresses. The advent of state-of-the-art hardware and software…

Comparison of Freeware Offline Backup Options

Free and useful offline backup tools for Windows. Discover their features and capabilities to handle your personal backup job.

Professionals, Big Businesses Rely on Online Backup Services

Professionals, big businesses rely on online backup services. The experts predict that, in the next few years, the majority of high-tech businesses and industries will abandon onsite data storage, moving all of their critical documents and databases to online backup and storage services. Using online backup services, professionals and corporations save space and money, and more importantly, they assure that all of their key personnel have instant access to the tools and information they need.

Get Lost Data Back on Track – How to Perform a CD or DVD Data Recovery

It is true that the using CD/DVD as a storage device is not so flexible as other storage methods, but you cannot deny the fact that there is still large percentage of users choosing CD/DVD as their favourite data storage and collection method. Today, people can still suffer from data loss problem from their CD/DVD, but they can still find a widespread of software that can help them retrieve data. With the help of data recovery software, there is a large possibility that users can still recover their lost important files and save their future.

How to Perform a Flash or SD Memory Card Data Recovery

A flash memory is one form of non-volatile memory rewrite and erased. It only means that it does not any power in order to maintain the data that was stored inside its chip. Unlike CD and floppy disk, a flash or SD memory card is the fastest access and has better shock resistance than any hard disk.

How to Recover Data From Crashed or Damaged Hard Drive

It always happens that your hard drive where you have saved tons of important data crashes on the time when you need it the most. This kind of situation is unpredictable, but there are ways on how you can solve this kind of problem when it hits you. Unfortunately, the computer cannot tell you when this thing will happen by itself, so the good preparation and backup plan are needed before things happening. With the help of technology, it is not hard to recover data from damaged hard drive.

Get Lost Data Back on Track – How to Perform a HDD Data Recovery

One thing that many users do not know about their hard drive is that it can fail, regardless of the amount of money that you spent and time that they are used. Some system, it takes more than 10 years before you can experience any failure, while other can fail even with just one year of use. Because the demand for storing large data is increasing, HDD data recovery is a vital issue that needs to be solved immediately.

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