Recover Deleted Recycle Bin Files

Errors Due to Large Size PST File – Split PST

In Microsoft Outlook 2002 and prior versions, the PST file is set in ANSI (American National Standards Institute) file format, which sets the largely file size limit of 2 GB. It’s about 2 GB size shows quick performance, takes time to load and gets damage beyond 2 GB. On the other hand, in 2003 (except IMAP4 and HTTP accounts) and 2007 use Unicode format , having 20 GB default file size control.

The Best Laptop Backup Solution

Enterprises rely on an effective laptop backup program because of the increased level of laptops that are being used today. Many things can befall laptops because they are as transportable as well as all the orthodox perils such as computer viruses. Wiping your hard drive is not very productive use of time especially if it is due to a tricky computer virus. Laptop computers need to be maintained even if we do not take computer virus infections into account. With the various backup programs available you can reach your information from any operational internet connection. With a secure laptop backup computer program you’ll have what is required to reconstruct your computer.

Do You Need Clean Room Data Recovery?

If you have critical data information that has potentially been lost from a hard drive failure, your options are limited as far as your being able to completely and safely recovering the data. Clean room data recovery is the most secure and viable option if your critical data needs to be quickly, fully and safely recovered. But, do you really need to go to the expense for this style of data recovery?

Anti Virus on the Home Computer

In this day and age having a computer with out Anti Virus is just crazy, even if you don’t go on the Internet. There are billions of viruses out there and millions being released every day; you hear about the ones on the news and think it does not happen very often but it’s happening every second of every day.

The Pros and Cons of Network Attached Storage (NAS)

The MUST know pros and cons of using NAS (Network Attached Storage) for your backup needs. This article will help you decide if the NAS suits your needs and how prone it is to data recovery in case of a failure.

What is a Co-location Center?

As businesses go more global and become more adept at outsourcing, there will be an increased demand for virtualization and servers located off-site. This is the situation with many companies who store their data in places away from the office grounds. In layman’s terms, Co-location is simply the process of hosting or getting space in a data center to either increase their server’s capabilities in terms of space or just data storage. Many companies are opting for this method of data storage as backup for their on-site data.

iPod Error – iTunes Could Not Contact the iPod Software Update Server

To update or restore an iPod, you first need to download and install the latest version of iTunes. Update refers to the process of simply updating the software that controls the iPod and doesn’t affect the stored data.

Is Data Recovery Expensive?

One of the most frequently asked questions, aside from is it possible to recover the data, is how much will it cost? The price associated with data recovery can literary run from a few bucks to thousands of dollars. This article will explain the cost associated with data retrieval and provide advice on how to avoid data loss altogether.

Repair Corrupt Outlook Express DBX and MBX Files Effectively

We all use Outlook Express and love it for its capability to save email messages. Even though saving emails is a great facility, MBX and DBX files that are used by Outlook Express to save email messages often get corrupted due to various reasons. Advanced Outlook Express Repair is an effective utility that can allow users to repair corrupt MBX and DBX files and get peace of mind.

Get the Remote Data Backup System Your Company Needs

If you work in the IT department then you know to some degree about remote data backup, you have probably been asked to look this new technology over. Depending on the offer you have either discarded it instantly and assume it’s not a needed upgrade, or if you have been targeted by the right remote backup company then you are seriously taking the offer into consideration. Let’s first analyze what remote data backup is really supposed to do and how the right program can really help you work more efficiently.

Photo Recovery For Kodak Easyshare C763 Digital Camera

Reformatting deletes all digital files and folders. Therefore, you should use your recent data backup to restore them. If not exists or invalid, you can alternatively scan your media with powerful Image Recovery applications to locate and restore lost data. Such Digital Image Recovery tools empower you with safe recovery options, graphically rich interface and quality recovery results.

Why Business Should Have Disaster Recovery Solution Plans in Place

In business, it is very likely that times will come when there would be some form of trouble that would result in a loss of data by companies. A typical example is what happened during the September 11, attack on the world trade center where tons of documents were irretrievably lost. While some companies were smart enough to back some of their crucial data up, others basically lost everything. Imagine a situation where you lose the contract form for a business contract that you really want to any form of mishap. That’s how bad it can get.

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