How to Set Active on System C Drive

IT Consulting Services: Implementing a Disaster Recovery Plan

In recent years, major earthquakes have reminded companies of how quickly business can be brought to a halt by something that is difficult to forecast, and even more difficult to recover from: a natural disaster. Thankfully, natural disasters are few and far between, but it does not take an act of nature to cause the havoc an earthquake or flood can cause; a company’s IT network can also be destroyed by a structural failure, a building fire, or a burst plumbing pipe. For most companies, the biggest risk associated with these events is not property damage, but…

Business Continuity: Preventing Data Loss in the Wake of Disasters

Perceptive companies know the value of being accustomed to change, but what happens when change is precipitated by an event that results in a company being displaced and unable to access its data? Unless the company has a business continuity plan that was developed with the assistance of a disaster recovery services consultant, surviving the situation may be impossible. Consider the following statistics…

The Cost of Data Loss

This article explains the cost of data loss. The target audience for this article are those interested in preventing data loss.

Online Backup – A Choice That Matters

The concept of online backup is steadily becoming the preferred choice of home and business computer users, not for nothing. There has to be some good in it that makes it a favored idea for backing up data and information in the world of computers.

Online Backup Service – Best Formula for Data Protection

The biggest challenge for regular computer users seems to be protecting data securely or rather, backing it up in the most foolproof of ways. While the reason for data loss can be many, like accidental erasure, virus attacks, system failure or power spikes, the best method to save it is however one and that is an effective online backup service.

External Hard Drive Recovery Software

Losing files on your hard drive can be very frustrating. Find out how you are able to quickly and easily retrieve missing data.

Get Data Center Services Contract Tailored To Your Business Need

Examining SLA for data center services from the client’s perspective can be quite a challenging task. Making sure that the terms of the contract do not ignore the interest of the customer is the priority. In this article, we’ll discuss how to prepare for the job before entering into the contract with the service provider.

CAD Conversion – Your Solution to Handling Paper or Raster Based Drawings

Engineering drawings and designs for all types of engineering / design specialties have always been handled on physical media like papers, blue prints, film, vellum, tracings etc. Draftspersons drew these as a master on tracings and then used them to create copies for their engineering / manufacturing teams.

The Importance Of A Backup Email Service

Once an exclusive domain of large corporate networks, electronic mail or email has now become part of our everyday lives. Email is now an invaluable communication tool to reach friends, families, business partners, clients, employees and customers.

Benefits of Network Attached Service

Network Attached Service is a readily available storage service provided on the network utilizing compact devices without the need for traditional file servers. Storage for desktop computers comes from their built-in hard disks.

Degaussing Hard Disk Drives – All You Need To Know

Data in the disk is not permanently removed unless you intentionally remove yourself through overwriting, physical disk destruction, and degaussing. When we create a file, the operating system just makes an index or directory of the data but, the file itself is hidden somewhere in the disk. So when you delete a file and permanently remove it to your disk.

Top Reasons to Use a Cloud Backup Service

Backup is the standard activity to enable data preservation. Ever since electronic computing was invented, data backup was already the immediate concern of computer users. Computer vendors have done many improvements to make the computer more reliable.

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