System recovery in Windows 7 in case of system crash

How to Recover Erased Files From a Digital Camera

Have you accidentally erased your files from your digital camera or you just want to recover some precious files from it? You do not have to worry because there is an easy way to recover your files from a digital camera.

Getting the Most Out of Automated OS Recovery

Things You Need to Know About RAR Archive Files

If you are a student, you have probably experienced needing additional space in your laptop for the myriads of projects, notes, reports and other documents that you need for school. I’m sure you have also subscribed for free internet storage services which virtually increase your disk space by a great amount. These services have become quite the necessity for the person who needs his or her files on the go.

Forget the Professionals – Best (And Cheapest) Mac OS X Data Recovery Software Solution

If you are looking to restore lost, deleted, corrupt or inaccessible data from your Mac or any kind of data storage media, including digital camera memory cards – rest assured because it can be done and your precious data can be retrieved cheaply – without the services of data recovery companies.

Backing Up Your Data Frequently Can Save You Money

Information Technology Companies and Internet Business rely on their data being safe and available. Hard drives that hold your valued data can break at any time and might be a great loss to your operations. Here is some things you might want to consider for you backups.

Do You Know Where Your Data Is?

Avoid the lost data abyss with an online backup solution. This online solution makes it easy.

Why “I’m Sure the Data Will Be Fine” is Not an Actual Data Retention Policy

What would be your guess about the kind of email and data retention policies Apple has in place? It’s a company that carries a lot of secrets, so you might expect that they would have a lot of very comprehensive and strict rules in place. Well, guess what? They don’t.

Work With the Best Data Backup Reporting Tool

Every company that creates data needs a data backup reporting tool. These are tools created to report on the status of a company’s computer data. Today, data is created on computer systems that although normally competent are still subject to occasionally failing.

Data Recovery Freeware – Take Advantage of the Freeware Available to You

Everyone can benefit from data recovery freeware from those who use their computer at home for fun to large corporations who use computers to run million dollar operations. It makes sense to protect your personal files as well as those of your customers. You don’t want hackers to get your financial information, copies of your contracts, or passwords for your online accounts.

Protecting Data is Never Having to Say You’re Sorry

Most enterprises seem to have a good handle on leveraging the value side of information, because that’s what they do. They gather information and use it to make money. Typically, however, not nearly as many resources nor effort are put into protecting that information. It’s not that your typical large enterprise doesn’t do anything to protect their data; it’s just that they don’t do enough. And if something bad happens to that data, an apology just isn’t going to cut it.

How to Recover Deleted Files From Recycle Bin

I have deleted an important File from recycle bin that I really needed, is there any way I can get it back? Over the past few years I have heard this same question thousands of times over, I have seen people hit the fan and begin to drastically panic if the file they deleted was very important.

EDiscovery Compliance For Existing and Planned Information Systems

EDiscovery compliance is a must for every enterprise utilizing and storing electronic information. New federal rules mandate unprecedented changes to an enterprise data storage policies. This paper discusses use of custom file system to simplify transition from non-compliant to fully compliant system and ways to make a planned infrastructure compliant from the beginning.

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