How to Easily Recover Data from Hard Drive having Bad Sectors in Windows OS 100% Guarantee

Fixing “Cannot Record” Error in Canon DC10-DC20

Canon DC10/ DC20 camcorders are one of most widely used devices, used both in homes and workshops. These portable digital camcorders provide superb handling and excellent video recording experience. The recorded videos are stored in a DVD or dedicated SD (Secure Digital)/ MM (MultiMedia) card port.

The Simplest Way to Backup Documents in Windows 7

Windows 7 begin to win acceptance by the old Windows XP users. The feeling, the simplicity, the robustness makes from Windows 7 a great candidate to the status world wide used.

Raid 5 Data Recovery – The Good News

Anybody who runs any kind of information technology-based operation who has experienced disaster knows that stomach-churning, knot-tightening feeling that always overcomes you when you need to worry about information backup. Once a crash does occur, the first thing you look to us to see if the data was properly backed up and taken off your site. At this time you also start second-guessing hoping that all those times you were going to review the restoration process and you didn’t, won’t come back to haunt you.

3 Methods to Recover Corrupt Files From Your Hard Drive

Hard drives are not indestructible. They can fail sometimes and you can lose data if this happens. The good news is that it is still possible to recover corrupt files caused by overwritten or corrupted file clusters.

How to Perform Data Recovery on Floppy Disk

Floppy disks are susceptible to damage and data loss, which may at times need you to employ some type of recovery. Here are a few tips to follow when trying to perform data recovery on your floppy disk.

Raw Data Recovery – Understanding How it Works

This is an extremely useful technique that will recover deleted, corrupted, or missing hard drive. In the event that your entire file system has been wiped clean due to corruption or other causes, performing RAW recovery is your only option.

How to Find a Reliable Maxtor Data Recovery Service

Maxtor produces exceptional hard drives. But like other electronic equipments, these drives can fail due to several technical reasons that are beyond the control of ordinary mortals like us. When your hard drive fails, the first thing you need to do is to find a reliable Maxtor data recovery service.

iPod Recovery to Fix Sad iPod Icon on Start-Up

Is your iPod displaying a sad icon on startup? Are you unable to access stored data from your disk? This behavior is caused by various issues, which lead to critical data loss.

Recover SD Card Files That You Accidentally Erased

Secure Digital cards (SD) are used everywhere in digital cameras, camcorders, PDAs, portable media players, mobile phones, GPS receivers, these games and handheld computers. Often when trying to transfer files from one device to another, such as from a camera to a computer, accidents do happen.

What to Do When Your Hard Drive Crashes

The hard drive on your computer system can crash at any time and usually without warning. And when it does crash you can lose your information and data forever. But do you have to?

Computers Crash – What to Do When it Happens

The constant introduction of new software and files, along with the deletion of files no longer needed – and time – puts a little bit of a strain upon your computer’s working condition. So, in time, there are several key functions in your computer that do not operate properly causing it to crash, or maybe just run slow or stall occasionally.

Compact Flash Data Recovery – Regain Lost Images

People lose images from their flash cards due to a number of different reasons. Usually, the images are still there within your flash card. However, you will need specific software to complete a compact flash data recovery.

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