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Online Backup of Your Hard Drive – Carbonite!

I am experienced computer user who is well aware of the importance of backups to my hard drive. When the unexpected happened during Katrina, a Carbonite online backup would have saved the day.

New USB Thumb Drive Data Storage Devices, Faster and Bigger but more Secure?

Today, there are so many companies making USB thumb drives, many of these devices are faster, bigger and more compact, but are they a safe means to hold your companies important data? Flash memory manufacturer Corsair says it has solved the problem of non secured flash drives by forcing you to enter a unique PIN code to enter their USB thumb drive and access your data. It’s a great idea but will it really help?

Let’s Play What If – What To Do Right Now If You Don’t Have A Data Center Disaster Recovery Plan

What if a blood curdling scream suddenly filled your office? You run to find out what’s going on, only to find one of your key employees staring in wide-eyed terror at his computer screen? He turns to you, and in a stunned voice manages to tell you that somehow he has lost a month’s worth of work in the company database by accident? What if you realized at that moment that there is no way to restore that data and that starting over would make it impossible for you to meet your time-sensitive deadline? At that split second, you realize that you’ve procrastinated on getting that data backup system in place that you’ve know all along you needed.

Computer Data Recovery – What Will You Do If Your Files Disappear?

Computer data can be lost for a number of different reasons – many being more common than you might think. Read about some of your best options for data recovery.

Common Causes of Data Loss Leading to the Need For USB Data Recovery

People are buying various forms of storage these days. Most of the devices people use to store data today come in the form of flash memory devices such as USB thumb drives, or USB flash memory. These devices use NAND flash to store data. These devices are small and compact and very easy for consumers to move around. Preventing the need for USB thumb drive recovery is what consumers really need to focus on.

Help! Can You Help Me Find My Images?

If you have lost an image it might be a good idea to check your inbox another time. It has recently been shown that the worlds largest “image databases” are the mail servers within Companies.

Choosing the Right Computer Backup Program For Your Data Center Disaster Recovery Plan

The data center is the hub of business operations. It houses all of the files, data, programs, and applications that a business cannot do without in today’s fast-paced world of which information technology is an integral part. Any harm to these files could deal a severe, or even fatal, blow to any successful company. That is why it’s absolutely critical to invest time and money in a reliable data center disaster recovery plan.

One And Only Elucidation In Order To Recover Loosed Data From Computer

Data recovery is the repossession of out-of-the-way or contaminated data from media that has been scratched in some way. Data recovery is being progressively more used and is an important process nowadays.

Data Transfer Made Easy By Pen Drive

Get to know some of the advantages of storing data using a pen drive. Fast, lightweight, compact and rewritable, pen drive soon became the standard for mobile storage device.

Data-Recovery – Take Data Center Disaster Recovery Plans To A New Level With Online Computer Backups

Recent technology in the field of online computer backups has made data center disaster recovery plans a breeze. A good computer backup system with online computer backup can prevent the untimely death of your business.

Mobile Phone SIM Card Data Recovery

Technological advancements have increased our dependencies on electronic gadgets. It would be hard to imagine our lives without our mobile phones. Our mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives and if something were to happen to our mobile phone, our life would instantly feel crippled.

The Day My Computer Hard Disk Crashed

We rely so much on our computers that we begin to take them for granted. It, therefore, comes as a massive shock the day the computer hard disk dies on us. It happened to me once as well and I was caught totally unprepared and unawares.

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