How to Recover Missing Photos in Lightroom? [4 Solutions]

The Importance of Data Backups

All businesses large and small often overlook the most important process of keeping their data safe. The performace of a data backup is vital to keeping your business up and runnning. This article explains why you should not be bypassing this brief yet important step in protecting your business.

Data Recovery Processes

Six months ago my computer crashed. When I turned my computer on it would not load Windows XP and so I could not get into my two hard drive files. As an author and writer of ebooks, I had all my files in two hard drives without any other backup. Here’s what I did.

How To Limit Hard Drive Data Recovery Costs

With the value on information rising day by day, one of the greatest threats to businesses of any size is data loss. If the data centers in your business have ever experienced a hard drive disaster, you quicky realized just how valuable the information lost is. Here are some basic tips for avoiding such a situation.

Avoiding Hard Disk Data Recovery Services

As a home computer owner, one of the greatest threats to your information and to your wallet, is hard disk failure. When your drive crashes, you will quicky realize how valuable the information you can no longer access is. Here are a few tips to help you prevent a data disaster on your harddisk.

5 RAID Data Recovery Prevention Tips

If you have spent the time to increase your computer’s performance by setting up a hardware RAID array, you owe it to yourself to invest a little extra time and effort in maintaining the hard disks in your setup. Following these tips will help limit the need for data disaster recovery in the future.

Data Backup for Beginners

It’s 10pm. Do you know where your data is? Data. Small bits of information clustered together to make Word files, documents,pictures, MP3s, HTML etc. We work on our computers every single day never s…

The Seven Golden Rules Of Data Backups

Backups of company data are carried out for two main reasons. The first is to cater for those times when a document is inadvertently deleted or damaged and you wish to recover the original document; …

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery – A Business Not a Technology Issue

Hackers, hurricanes, fires, flooding, power outages, denial of service attacks, application failures, employee error, sabotage and now terrorism are helping companies to focus on the necessity of a b…

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery – Risk Analysis and Control

In the risk evaluation phase, there are a number of key areas that must be covered. One of the most important is to understand probable threats. In an ideal world, which most of us have noticed does …

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery – Business Impact Analysis

Business impact analysis is a critical part of the business continuity planning process. This step quantifies data and gets into the real world issue of potential losses that can negatively impact yo…

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery – Selecting A Business Continuity Strategy

The risk analysis and business impact analysis have identified risks to key business functions. Also, the potential impacts and probabilities of these risks as well as the costs to prevent or mitigat…

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery – The Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan

Essentially, the plan addresses the who, what, where, why and when of recovery. Goal number one is to reduce the risk profile of the business. Goal two is to be well prepared so the impact of any dis…

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