Comment réparer une base de données MySQL abîmée à l’aide de Stellar Repair for MySQL?

Onsite and Offsite Data Protection: Know the Difference

Onsite and Offsite data backup are both great options to choose from. While one promises immediate access and less expense, the other provides security, distance benefits and efficiency.

Always Backup Your Data!

Down to the wire with a big company report, or school project, maybe even family photos and documents and you’re working away on your computer and suddenly the power goes out along with all your hard work. We all have been there at one time or another, and that is why it is great to have the proper protection in place. A lot of times people come up with excuses as to why they don’t keep backups.

Why You Should Consider Backing Up Your Data With Online Storage

Backing up your data is important. There are a few options to choose from but keeping a backup in some form will help you if you ever have a hard drive stop working.

Hard Drive Data Loss: What Solution Will You Take to Recover Data?

Hard disk technology has been changing constantly and rapidly evolving. In recent news by Computer World, it is learned that the hard drive-manufacturing giant, Seagate is planning to produce 5 TB hard disk by the coming year and a 20 TB variety by 2020.

Support Your Disaster Recovery Needs With Robust Data Center Infrastructure

The major driving forces that influence today’s IT investments are business continuity and high availability. With a 24*7 operating economy, any downtime can severely disrupt the business operations leading to huge loss in terms of business opportunities, revenues and most importantly a scratched reputation. As per the survey studies, average loss due to data centre downtime may cost upto $5000 per minute and the total cost for a downtime incident may extend $500,000.

Getting Back Onto the Spreadsheets

Just because you have forgotten password for a MS Word or MS Excel file that you were working on, does not mean you have to begin your work from the very start. Get past these basic securities easily and recover the password protected data.

How Do Hard Drives Die?

Hard drive fail in usual – and unusual ways. Here are some of each – and the ways to keep them safe.

Does Your Business Need Data Encryption Software?

Data encryption software and self encrypting hard drives are now available to businesses and individuals alike concerned about the safety of their confidential data. Whether you are responsible for a business’s data or for your own data, keeping it secure is essential. However, is data encryption software the right choice for you? Would a self encrypting hard drive be a better choice?

Not All Is Lost When Your Data Goes Missing

One of the best advice you’ll hear when dealing with a dead drive is to try physically removing the non-responding drive and installing it on another system. If you’re lucky, you may be able to see your data in Windows Explorer and follow a recovery procedure utilizing some data recovery software.

How Can Cloud Computing Even the Playing Field?

Cloud computing offers many advantages for small and medium businesses. Here are several benefits that immediately come to mind.

Checklist: What to Do When Your Hard Drive Makes Loud Noises

There’s nothing scarier than strange noises coming from your computer. A few steps may help.

Why To Use Computer Repair Services

There are many different ways that your computer can break down, or just become unusable. If your computer has stopped working, gotten a virus, or even if you’ve spilled a drink on it, it is always a good idea to bring it into a reputable computer repair company.

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