Transfer files, programs from Windows 7 to Windows 8

EDB File May Get Damaged on Compressed NTFS Volume

NTFS file system allows you to compress files, folder and hard drive volume for decreasing the requirement of hard drive space. But in some situations, compressing a hard drive volume on which Server is installed may cause EDB (Exchange Database) corruption and results into data loss.

10 Tips For Securing Your Systems and Data

With this list, I set out to inform you of the steps you can take to secure your systems and data. Once you look through, I think you’ll be struck by how little effort is required to make your data more secure.

Data Recovery After System Crash Using HP-UX Based Unix Server

The servers like file servers, application servers, database servers, mail servers, domain controllers, Web Servers and NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices create the backbone of modern corporate record storage. Such server setups generally use multiple hard drives configured together in disk arrays. Due to continual operation and large volume of user requests, such hard drives may physically or logically fail and cause serious data loss.

Hard Drive Crash – Back Up Your Data!

Only you can protect your data. If you are not sure of your backup status, take steps now. Even if you’ve had a computer repair shop prepare a backup for you, verify that it is working once in a while. Have an off-site or secure backup available. This means that you should backup to a removable media then store it in a fire and waterproof box, or in a separate location.

Make Your Choice For Data Backup – Online Data Storage

Have stuff on your computer and would be completely bummed out if you lost it? Maybe you have important documents, financial information or loads and loads of music? Stop for a minute and imagine that it’s all gone. No it’s not cold outside, that was just a chill you have from realizing all your information just went poof! Enter online storage and the ease and simplicity and your worries are over.

Will Data Recovery Work

Data recovery is something you may have already experienced at least once. If not, read on because it eventually happens to just about everyone regardless of the precautionary measures taken.

Understanding Continuous Data Protection Technology

If you have data that is important to you, which normally means all your work you need to look into Continuous Data Protection (CDP) which is also known as real time backup. CDP provides nonstop backup to your computer data by saving a copy of everything you do capturing all versions of data you create and save. Thus providing you with a point to recover lost data from the last time you saved.

Understanding the Basics of Data Backup

Ever wonder why you need to backup your computer data or just never considered doing it? This article will provide you with the very basic needs and knowledge to start backing up critical data.

Word Table Corruption Error While Editing

Word recovery if your Word document get damaged while editing your Word file. Microsoft Word tables allow you to organize data in a way that can be easily read and manipulated.

Data Loss in HP-UX Computer

Few striking features that differentiate HP-UX (Hewlett Packard UNIX) operating system from other UNIX are enhanced reliability, security, workload management, and partitioning. This was the first UNIX operating system that used access control lists for file access permissions.

What to Look For in Online Backup

When it comes to your personal computer files, a secure feeling comes when you know your files are backed up with an online file storage service. As there are literally hundreds of services that exist today, what is it exactly that you should look for when it comes to online backup?

SSD Drive Explained in Brief

The Solid State Drive was developed in the early 1980s, but due to cost it was mainly used by the military for enhanced performance in their large databases. This growing technology has since expanding to our everyday life with phones cameras and iPods.

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