Free copy/clone hard drive disk software to upgrade hard drive – EASEUS Todo Backup.

Data Recovery – The Use of CHKDSK on FAT and Directory Structures

The Windows 9x space allocation system (not to mention DOS) is the File Allocation Table (FAT). The FAT and the directory structures enables Windows (and DOS) to keep track of the data stored on the disk and where and how that data is stored.

Exchange Data Recovery

Looking into recovering data for Exchange Servers. Exchange is a data recovery system specially designed for Microsoft Exchange email infrastructure. It’s a fairly complicated process, which is why it’s crucial that only data recovery specialists attempt to recover files with this method.

Why You Need To Consider Online Data Storage Backup

Have you been looking for a way to store and backup your computer data? If so, one of the best ways to do it is with online data storage backup. While you may not know a lot about this type of storage there are many advantages to it. Here are some tips to help you better understand what online data storage backup is and how it can help your individual needs.

Top Six Reasons Why You Need A Data Center Disaster Recovery Plan

Are you still divided about getting a data center disaster recovery plan for your business? Read about six reasons why it is essential that you get a computer backup system and why it is important for survival of your business.

Taking Care of Your Backup Media

No one wants to be caught in the middle of a data disaster and find out that there is no way out. Most companies go out of business when a data loss disaster hits them because they fail to create effective data backup strategies.

What Good Is Backup If You Can’t Recover Your Information?

In researching offsite data backup and recovery services, I’ve read a number of horror stories about business owners that subscribed to (and paid for) an online backup service for many months, only to find that they could not actually recover their information when they needed to. Why would this happen?

How Online Data Storage Will Make Your Life Easier

Have you ever misplaced a backup CD or forgotten which files are on which disk? Online data storage services have made these problems obsolete. Now you can have backups done automatically while you sleep. This service is very easy on your budget, your data is safe and secure, and some providers make your data available to access from any computer. This article will explore some of the ways that online data storage can benefit you.

6 Reasons Why Businesses Need A Data Center Disaster Recovery Plan

There are many reasons why it is always a good idea to have a data center disaster recovery plan. Listed below are 6 of the most important ones to outline why a computer backup system may be essential to your business.

Ignore the Clean Room and Let Your Damaged Media or Data Perish

Well lit, temperature controlled, spotlessly spick and span rooms with humourless, masked, ghostly attired human beings acutely concentrating on cutting and sewing up a motionless human body on an operating table. This is the common image of a surgical operation theatre.

Data Backup – Why, What and How

Backup your data much? Well, you should. And this article will show you how, why and what will happen.

Backup Computer Tune Up – Take Preventive Measures To Backup, Secure And Protect Your Valuable Data

Recently, I lost the use of my computer almost entirely for six weeks. I have often said that you could put me on a desert island and I would be okay as long as you also gave me my computer. At no time have I felt this to be more true.

Proactive Approach For Improved Data Quality In Data Warehousing

Ever since data warehousing is being used as a facilitator for strategic decision making, the importance of the quality of the underlying data has grown many folds and so has the poor data. Data quality issues are much like the software quality issues. They both can sabotage the project at any stage.

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