How to Recover Files from Trashed, Deleted or Formatted USB, Flash Drive in Few Clicks

Backup and Recovery – The 3 Basic Types of Protection

A backup & disaster recovery plan is a blend of protecting both data & hardware. Data & hardware protection falls into three basic categories: fault tolerance, mirroring or duplication and archived backups.

Correct Procedure to Download and Use Recovery Software

When you want to recover a deleted file it is important you know the correct procedure to get the best results. If you are trying to recover erased or deleted files it is important not to download any more data, that includes opening more websites.

Recover Deleted Hard Drive Files Quickly and Safely

Have you lost a critical file that was stored on your computer? Maybe a favorite picture or a term paper you were working or a presentation that is to in the morning. If so, don’t worry because you can recover deleted hard drive files.

Save Your Data, Save Your Business!

I know the title of my white paper sounds a bit like the television show Heroes and the first season slogan, “Save the cheerleader, save the world,” but I wanted to express how important proper and adequate data backup and a disaster recovery plan is to the success and sustainability of your business. Every day I speak with small and mid-sized business owners and technology decision makers that have antiquated or non-existent data backup plans.

Data Recovery From a Burnt Hard Disk Drive

A Hard Disk Drive (also known as HDD or Hard Drive) is the main storage area in your computer system. It stores all your applications, documents, system files etc. The Hard Drive also stores your OS used to run the various applications etc.

Remote Data Backup Pitfalls and Solutions

A good remote data backup software program automates this entire process and also allows you to backup your data even when you are traveling. The latest software is even sensitive to the need to conserve bandwidth. This allows you to continue to work while it backs up…

How to Fix DLL Errors

DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library, and is part of an application. Applications depend on DLLs to function properly. If a DLL isn’t found, be it a Windows DLL or an application DLL, most likely the software will either fail to start or will not function properly even if it does start.

Fix Corrupt Registry Files

Every computer running Windows will slow down over time. Be it surfing the web, loading of programs or opening of documents, you will soon grow frustrated at the degradation of system performance. There is a reason for this.

Recovering Your iPod Data After Your System Shuts Down While it is Still Connected to the iPod

The iPod is basically a portable media player which uses a hard drive to store data. Like all media players, this too can get damaged or corrupted.

Remote Server Backup – Keeping Business Safe

With the advent of the Internet as a viable business medium, it soon became apparent the Internet based businesses needed extra layers of security and protection so they could go about their work without worrying about losing their mission critical data. That’s what the remote server backup is all about. This is the method business chooses to externally save copies of their most important information for safe keeping.

What is the Best Way to Backup Your Computer?

There are a few ways to choose from today to backup your computer. What are you options? What is the best method for you?

What to Look For in Remote Backup Software

There is an increasing demand for remote backup software not only at home, but in business. It has become the safest, most automated, most effective means of backing up your data without worry. Set and forget. The question is, what information should you backup on your computer, what features do you need in your software, and is your software going to work when you need it?

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