How to Create Winpe Bootable Disk with Reliable Software – EaseUS Partition Master

Why We Need a Hard Drive Shredder and How It Works

A hard drive shredder is a kind of machine that specializes in shredding hard disk into pieces. The goal of the shredder is not only about disposing the drive but also about hard disk data security. You data or electronic record is unsafe from getting exposed to the public because it can contain personal information that could lead to identity theft.

3 Reasons Why Online Backup Will Become the De Facto Standard

Online backup (or sometimes also called off-site or remote backup) has in the past few years grown tremendously in popularity. Today there are many firms offering this kind of service with their main target the personal users of computers or PC’s, as well as small businesses. Many of us had to go through the trauma of a hard disk crash and the subsequent anxiety while we were waiting to see if any or all of our precious files can be recovered – usually at a high cost.

Use Network Backup Software in Virtualized Environments

Server virtualization enhances IT efficiency, but it accompanies backup challenges. But fortunately now there are several network backup software options available in the market that can support virtual machine (VM) backups. Virtualization backup tools have matured over a period of time and now find place in every big company’s DR plan…

Data Backup And Recovery

Sooner or later, computer data gets corrupted or goes missing. When that happens, it can mean that hours, days or even years of work go right down the drain. Don’t let this happen to you. Keep your data backed up and know how to recover it. Don’t worry, it’s not nearly as complicated as it sounds.

Using IT Services for Data Center Operations

Outsourcing portions of data center operations can be a smart decision on part of companies that want to scale operations without increasing overhead, improve cost efficiency through reduced operational and recruitment costs, etc. There are several companies that provide IT services for this purpose, but you should be aware of the common issues associated with data center outsourcing address them intelligently.

Password 101 – How to Choose a Robust and Secure Password

Choosing a password has never been more important. Read this handy guide to ensure you choose a password that is secure, robust and yet still easy to remember.

Tech Support And Data Loss

Product support, in any industry, is essential and adds value to the product. Customer satisfaction ranks highly with manufacturers but sometimes turns into complete “dissatisfaction” with irreversible results. This is widespread in the computer industry due to bad suggestions given by those that should know best.

Ways To Recover Deleted Files From Recycle Bin

Are you looking for ways to retrieve deleted files from recycle bin? Find out what you must do in order to restore your missing files.

How To Quickly Recover Deleted Files From Your Recycle Bin

Having trouble trying to retrieve files that you’ve deleted from your recycle bin? Find out how you can quickly and easily get your missing data back.

Recover Files From External Hard Drive

Have you accidentally deleted photos and videos on your external hard drive? Find out how you’ll be able to retrieve missing data here.

Recover Missing Files From USB

Accidentally deleted files and folders from your USB device? Find out the best ways to restore deleted data.

Disaster Recovery Services Help Companies Stay in Business

Most companies have a plan for addressing unexpected issues, but many lack a plan for surviving a climactic event such as an earthquake or pandemic. Although most companies never experience such an event, those that do can go out of business unless they have a business recovery plan in place-a plan that is tailored to their unique needs by a provider of disaster recovery services. The Reality of Data Loss Since the beginning of organized commerce, companies have used important information to help them make sales.

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