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Tips to Recovering Or Restoring Your Data If Lost

What do I do if I lose any data? Is there software available? Are there any recovery services than can help?

Battery Failure in Camcorder Leads to Video Loss

A digital camcorder functions on the same principle as any other hard drive does. It uses a read-write process to record videos onto the memory card (or any other storage device being used). You can not predict when the battery of your camcorder starts malfunctioning.

Canon CRW Photo Recovery

Canon Cameras use the CRW file format for storing images. These are RAW image files which save pictures without applying any in-camera compression to them. The files are stored on memory cards which are highly prone to corruption.

Pulling Out the SD Card From the Computer

Secure Digital (SD) cards are Flash memory storage devices. They are widely used in all kinds of electronic media-computers, laptops, cameras, cell phones etc. The basic point is where there is technology, there are bound to be some technical mishaps.

Data Storage – Keeping Information Safe

Dealing with important documents on a daily basis can prove to be a large task which requires a lot of organisation. As documents mount and more storage space is required, ensuring these documents are stored so they can be easily recovered as well as being kept secure can prove too much if space and time is limited.

Offsite Data Backup – You Can’t Afford Not to Have It

Are you one of the rare, lucky computer owners who has yet to find out what it’s like to turn on your computer and find… Nothing? No noise, no bright screen, no welcoming message, and… No data? If you haven’t experienced the death of a computer yet, it’s probably because you just bought your first one a few days ago.

Five Unique Uses For Data Recovery Software

Advanced data recovery software can bring back accidentally deleted files. But there are some fascinating uses for this software that may not have occurred to you…

Recover Music Files

Have you lost a song? An album? A whole library of mp3s? Learn how you can use special technology to bring your music back.

All You Need to Know About Recovering Deleted Files

There’s no need to say how important are computer to us nowadays because we all know it. It doesn’t matter if we want to see our last conversation from three years ago with that old friend or the contact details of our most important client, we depend on our virtual life.

What’s Your Disaster Recovery Plan If Your Legacy Systems and Network Fails?

You know it might happen… and hope it never does. But your disaster recovery plan must anticipate the possible as well as the inevitable. If you’re using legacy communication systems and network platforms it’s just a matter of time. So.. what must you do to plan and prepare?

Error 1418 While Syncing iPod to iTunes

The iTunes application has been designed by Apple to act as an interface between the iPod and the computer. It is through this application that the user can organize data on the latter. iTunes also enables users to play music, videos etc using the application.

Wait, I Didn’t Want to Delete That File!

Have you ever deleted the wrong file? With a bit of planning ahead, you never again need to worry about losing a vital file. Also, we’ll show you how to securely delete a file.

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