Data Recovery Tips for Water Damage Hard Drive

Remote Backup – Protect Your Data and Prevent From Losing It

Everybody understands that they should backup, but getting the right way can be confusing. As remote backup comes up as a viable option for personal and business users, more and more people now bank upon online backup for security of data.

Online Backup – The Internet is a Better Place to Save Data

Online backup, as the term suggests, is having a security of not losing the data. The world has become techno-savvy where everything is getting computerized for an easy transaction. The computer performs multiple tasks that is quite difficult for humans to do with perfection.

USB Flash Drive Recovery – Superb Tips to Follow

It is natural to lose out on important information from the USB flash drive due to certain accidents. This results in a lot of chaos and tension. However, there is nothing to lose your sleep over. There are solutions available.

Three Location Backup and the Cloud

More than normal I am getting the frantic phone calls from friends and family… “my hard drive crashed,” or “I can’t start-up my computer,” or “I am getting some funny message on my screen.” Not good news, especially if you don’t have a copy of your precious data/media. In most cases I am able to help folks and restore their computer back to normal… a few high-fives and all is well. However, in some cases a hard drive fails or a piece of malware has done some bad things to the data – and then I am forced into having a challenging conversation about data recovery and associated costs/risks of losing the data. Not a good conversation for either person, especially when the data is so valuable.

Archive PST is Corrupted After Storing on Network Drive

The PST Archiving feature allows you to divide your email messages between two or more PSTs, each manageable and accessible through Outlook. An archive PST is prone to similar reasons, due to which a default PST can get corrupt. To repair the damaged archive PST, you should use the Outlook built-in Inbox Repair Tool. If this fails, you should opt restoring from a good backup or using a PST Recovery application.

Can ScanPst Exe Recover Network PST Files?

Having a nework based PST mailbox? You may want to learn on the risks listed in that article.

Back it Up!

Backups. Everyone knows you have to have current backups of your system. No one really enjoys doing them. This article will make backing up your system secure and easy.

Online Backup – Is Tape on Its Way Out in the Backup Field?

Online backup is changing the methodology of data backups by providing secure, offsite backup for business and personal use. Learn the basic facts about online backup and compare them to more traditional tape backup for security and extra features.

Winning the War With Data Loss – Using an Exemplary SQL Recovery Tool to Combat SQL Data Loss

Any person using the binary basket (the computer system) for any sort of work definitely deals with the issue of data loss at some or the other point. This can happen due to some reasons that even the user cannot avoid because bugs are a by-product of using the binary bag and till today computer applications are not free from corruption. In all these scenarios, the user becomes the victim and he is the one who loses the most.

Computer Data Recovery Centres With Sterile and Well Controlled Labs

But, remember this device is also a machine and we can face any sort of problem at any point in time. Hence, backups are an essential entity while working with them. This is where the role of data recovery Sydney companies comes into play. There are many laptop recovery and repair, Sydney centres in Australia.

Memory Card Corruption Due to Sudden Camera Shut Down

A memory card is used in almost all media devices. Today, a lot of compressed file formats are available to help us store more on one memory card.

How to Backup Any Document to a USB Thumb Drive Or External Hard Drive

Here I will be explaining how to backup any file or folder to a USB thumb drive. This will allow you to restore your computer to an earlier state safely maintaining a copy of your data. The additional flexibility of the thumb drive also allows you to carry the data over to a friend’s house so you can let them listen to your new mix, or perhaps photo’s of the family vacation to a relative’s house for the holidays.

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