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Data Backup and Data Recovery Basics for Consumers and Small Businesses

It is critically important that data backup and recovery solutions are simple to implement, automated and that even the most novice computer user feels comfortable in retrieving data from backups if and when needed. What types of data warrant backup? All data should be backed up on a continuous basis and ideally in an automated manner.

Offsite Storage Services For Apple OS X

Offsite data storage is the key for many businesses is the key for any business because of the large amounts of sensitive information that many of us are handling. Before you need to upgrade to big guns, there are some options available for you or your small business, and especially for OS X files. Online services are a big choice for small amount of information but you must understand your level of security and you will need more professional services if you are handling sensitive information of clients.

Offsite Data Storage – What Kind Of Features And Why

If you are in any business that has large amounts of crucial and sensitive data you know you need offsite backup service and storage facilities as the fail safe arm of your business. Stopping short at locking your materials in a location that resembles a high security prison or bank vault, and hiring your own secure transport services, you will need to look at a company that will handle that for you. This is what you are looking for.

MySQL Database Repair Post “Table Is Crashed And Last Repair Failed” Error

Unexpected shutdown is one of the most common reasons of database corruption. What happens in an improper shutdown is that all your database operations are left in between, which further leaves the database in unstable state. And since the database is in unstable state, it refuses to mount, further resulting into inaccessibility of all the database records. To surpass such MySQL database corruption situations, it is advisable for the database administrators to firstly check the level of corruption by using CHECK TABLE or MyISAMCHK command and then perform repair by using REPAIR TABLE command.

Repairing PST Files For Microsoft Outlook

Repairing PST files doesn’t have to be rocket science. Get back your lost files today!

Book Scanning – Having Your Books Scanned For Digital Reproduction

Books come and go out of production, but what if you want to reproduce the book but don’t have the digital files to do it? Our article lets you know the best way that this can be done.

Photo Recovery Post “Card Is Not Formatted” Error

As digital cameras and camcorders are getting popular, so is the use of digital memory cards. In this scenario, card errors without a doubt prove to be most frustrating aspects of owning precious memories. Whether you happen to be a professional photographer or an amateur, memory card errors have knock-on effect on your worth keeping memories.

Why Your Company May Need Professional Data Recovery

Sometimes, the hardest thing to do is ask for help. When you need professional data recovery, however, it’s practically your only choice.

The Importance of Using Point in Time in a Recovery Site

Once again, a very brief ski weekend in VT was erased from the forefront of my mind by the shocking realities of my job on Monday morning. Today I will focus on something near and dear to me, has been spoken and written about in many publications, but seems to still get overlooked during the design process. Today I will talk about the importance of point in time copies of the replicated data in a recovery site. Now some of you, new to storage may say, “Huh?”

Why Should You Use Internet Backup?

The internet has millions of terabytes of disk space offered, and there are many web sites you are able to find that may provide you with no cost space to do a backup. As far as this goes, in the event you have an internet page you’ll be able to upload your backup files there, as long as you’ve ample space.

Getting Around to Doing Backups – Things to Consider

Doing backups of your data seems to be a daunting task for business owners. I find it amazing how concerned people are about their data, when they have a crash or their computer is lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair.

Outlook Performance Issue – Try Split PST

MS Outlook is one among the most prominent e-mail client used by corporate professionals. While many of them complain about gradual degrade in Outlook performance, they do not realize that they are running a fairly large mailbox (Outlook stores its mailbox in .pst file format) that contains thousands of e-mails spread over past many years. Slow performance issues get more noticeable while you try to read, delete, or move e-mail messages.

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