Your Complete Guide to Format External Hard Drive, USB or SD Card

SSDs, TRIM and the Recovery of Deleted Data

The benefits of SSDs over traditional hard drives are well known. One of the key benefits of SSDs are their speed in reading and writing data. To ensure that this speed advantage is retained certain operations have to go on behind the scenes which prevent degradation due to an issue known as ‘write amplification’, this article concentrates on what happens when the TRIM command is used and how this affects data recovery from SSD drives.

IT Data Backup – Why You Need It

In an ideal world, we should not have to worry about computers crashing or losing data, just as we should not have to worry about terror attacks or natural disasters. However, since we do not live in an ideal world, we must have a strong plan of action for disasters – one of which is computers crashing and losing all the important data in them.

How Document Archiving Can Help Your Company Run Smoothly

Are you a business owner managing tons of important files? Look for a company providing good document imaging services. With their help, you won’t have to worry about ruining or losing important files.

Benefits of Document Scanning Services

In today’s business setup, you need a reliable solution for storing and retrieving documents. Good thing you can now acquire document scanning services. This article is about digital archiving solution and its benefits.

Great Ways To Prevent Data Loss

Data loss prevention is an essential part of owning any type of computer. It should not be regarded as something you have to think about doing, it is absolutely essential unless you’re willing to take the risk of one day losing some valuable data you have stored on your computer.

Invest In A Proven PC Backup Software

A computer is one of the most important gadgets that you can ever own. With it, you can conveniently connect with the entire world from the comfort of your home. In addition, you can prepare your documents, save your files and store valuable information on your computer. However, like other devices, computers are not perfect as they can crash due to virus infection. Even if you take adequate precautions, your computer can still crash, resulting in loss of crucial data.

Best Email Recovery Software for Outlook 2010

In this fast paced world, there are several ways to communicate with one and other. Emails have undoubtedly changed the way of communication from business proposals, official letters along with other casual communications. MS Outlook 2010 is the latest email client utility of MS Office. From a new look, to advanced way to organize emails, communication, search and social networking features. It provides you with a more affluent set of experience to stay in touch with your personal and business networks. It stores all the emails, contacts, calendar entries, tasks, journals, etc in a .pst file format. PST (Personal Storage Table) is a file format for organizing and manipulating emails, contacts, calendar entries, appointments, etc in separate folders.

IT Service Continuity Management: Why Is Operational Safeguarding Valuable?

IT services are designed to support one or more business technology areas by supplying the skillsets, physical hardware, applications, or processes necessary to accomplish an operation. Continuity management consists of planning and administering the risks associated with technologies used by a company. Professionals can be brought in to evaluate organizational values, potential threats, vulnerabilities, and determine a plan of action for disaster scenarios.

An IT Consulting Company Delivers Optimal Answers When Goals Are Uncertain

IT or information technology consulting is offered to assist any business unsure of how to properly apply hardware, applications, systems, or services for meeting desired objectives. A company can supply advice only or assist in additional areas such as the design or implementation of a solution. These agencies have widespread knowledge in various areas of business information technology.

How To Backup Files Correctly

Are you planning to have a new computer or have you just acquired one? Then the first thing you should do next is to backup your files. You don’t know how to do that? Relax, here are some simple steps you should follow to backup files correctly.

PHD Virtual Backup for VSphere Product Review

Data protection is very important in this day and age so I have been evaluating many products that focus on protecting data for virtualized environments. Recently I had the chance the evaluate PHD Virtual Backup and Replication. This product stems from what used to be called esXpress back in the day. For those that have been around awhile will remember the name. So, I will give my take on the latest version of the product 5.4, after using it awhile.

Online File Storage and Sharing With Mozy

Online file storage and sharing with Mozy allows the portable office to become a reality now. It has become the norm today for storing the data that is used for work and play. Business has found this to be extremely useful. Anyone that doesn’t use one of these free online storage systems. Here is a review of online file storage and sharing with Mozy.

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