How to Recover Data from Mac External Hard Drive on High Sierra, Mojave or Catalina?

Repair Windows After Virus Infection – Windows XP Virus Repair

A computer virus acts very much like a human virus. It has the capability of reproducing itself. It travels through networks and the internet (just as a human virus travels through the air). A virus can also be caught by sharing DVDs and USB flash drives (the computer equivalent of eating off someone else’s plate.) Once inside your computer it goes about attaching itself to files and programs (the human equivalent of a viral infection).

How to Verify Cold Chain Compliance For Perishable Goods

Some products must be maintained within a certain temperature range during storage and shipping. This temperature-controlled supply line is called a cold chain. It is important not only to keep the temperature stable but also to be able to verify conditions at a later date.

Hard Drive Recovery

Data recovery is a process which is used for salvaging data from failed, corrupted, damaged or inaccessible secondary storage media. Data recovery is used for accessing the data on these types of media when it cannot be accessed by using the usual methods.

Lost Photographs From Sigma DP2 Camera

Sigma DP2 is one of the most powerful compact digital camera released by Sigma Corporation. The camera features 14 mega pixel camera, 24.2 mm F2.8 lens, photo pro software, and three metering and four exposure modes.

Be Sure With The Backup and Restore Solution

Once upon a time the backup and restore process on any computer was better left for an expert, but nowadays there are some solutions that allow you to operate your own backup and restore program with ease. This provides you, the end user, some great peace of mind and security knowing that regardless of any unwanted occurrence your backup is safe – in some cases, and it is advisable if you have precious data, you can even make more than one copy of a backup and store them in separate places, then you have even more knowledge that should your system require a restore you have the data at hand.

Guide to Using the Outlook Inbox Repair Tool

If you’ve tried to open Outlook and you get a scary error, you may have a problem with the Personal Storage Table file, also known as, a.pst file. Learn how to use the Outlook inbox repair tool to scan and repair the errors that are keeping you locked out of vital emails and contact information.

Internet Backup Vaulting

There are several options for backing up data but one of the more popular methods in recent months is a system known as Internet Backup Vaulting. What this type of backup does is send your files over the internet using a secure encryption code and safely storing your company’s data files offsite where you can access it at any time.

Exchange Server Recovery to Fix Transport Database Corruption

Are you facing fatal errors while accessing your Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 database? Is your EDB (Exchange Database) file inaccessible? The fatal error in server aborts the application and thus makes it unusable.

Automatic PC Backup Program – How to Choose the Right One

So there you sitting in your office, you just spent the last week putting together your proposal. You have built graphs, charts and spreadsheets outlining every detail. Right after you click save on the final version your computer goes blank. You now know why you need an automatic PC backup program.

iPod Classic Crashes Or Reboots While Starting Genius

Are you using the Genius application to manage or organize your music files on iPod Classic? If yes, you may face a situation where your iPod crashes every time you start this application.

Repair Outlook PST File

If you are unable to open your Personal Folders file (.pst) you can suspect that your .pst file is corrupted. You may use the Inbox Repair tool (Scanpst.exe) to repair errors in the .pst file. The Repair Outlook PST File tool scans only the .pst, not your mailbox on the server running MS Exchange.

Why a PST Tool is Your Lifesaver When it Comes to PST Errors

If you have ever been waiting for an important email, and all of a sudden cannot access your Outlook files, you’re likely having a problem with the .pst file. If you have ever been working against a deadline and received a dreaded “Fatal Error: 80040900,” you have likely experienced .pst file corruption.

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