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What is Data Warehousing?

Data warehousing is more used by big companies that analyze large chunks of data for business functions. Smaller organizations seek data marts that deal with more focused information. Business intelligence data and data warehousing are both terms that cause a lot of confusion regarding their connotation. While the latter means the technology used to create a bank of data, business intelligence refers to tools used to analyze and interpret such information.

Are You Putting Your Computer Data at Risk?

Many people have data on their computers that needs to be protected. Learn a few ways that you can keep your data from being at risk.

Why Digitize Microfiche and Invoice Scanning

Current developments within technology mean that now may be the time to consider converting your old stock of microfiche into electronic files by having your archived microfiche files digitized. The decision on whether to use a specialist company that are familiar with microfiche scanning or undertake the project yourself depends on the volume of information to be converted.

Computer Need Repair? Signs It’s a Virus

It is common in this day and age to attribute nearly any computer malfunction to some sort of virus. Unfortunately, this is a somewhat simplistic and oftentimes incorrect assumption.

Why Data Recovery Tools Are Important?

Data recovery tools can save you from tons of problems when you are on the verge of losing sensitive information or data essential to run other important applications on your computer. If you are a regular computer user, you can always use free data recovery tools to get your data back. However, things are not so simple when loss of concerned information is detrimental to your business.

Never Say Lost Data Again

Do you share your computer with other family members? If so, you have probably experienced the task of redoing your work or have had important drivers needed to run hardware on your computer accidentally deleted not to mention your valuable photos. There is a solution available to help you retrieve the information that was lost – cheap data recovery.

A Look at Data Protection and Backup Options

Even though in the near future the term data loss will no longer be a relevant one, a loss of data will lead to following a long and tedious process en route to recover lost data. If you are overconfident of your superior hard drive and have not made one or more backups of your data in locations other than your hard drive then it is a folly which you can regret. Data loss can occur due to a lot of factors most of which come in like a freak storm and lead us in despair.

The Quickest Way to Recycle Bin Recovery

Recycle bin recovery is possible and can be done easily within minutes of you accidentally deleting a file or a folder from your system. The loss could also occur because of some system failure or a virus infection. If you are reading this for the first time and have not had to face such an issue so far, this should help you in the future nonetheless.

A Guide to Help Recover Formatted Partitions

There are many ways in which we can lose data on our hard drive. Apart from the usual ways of data loss such as virus infections, physical or logical failure due to damage and scratching of the hard disk internally you can also lose data if you do not format your hard drive properly.

Choosing the Best Data Recovery Software

Data recovery software are a very handy and easy to use tool that will not only enable you to recover lost data on your computer’s hard drive but will also let you do a host of other things. Troubleshooting issues of data loss or damage has become very easy even for a novice user with the availability of such software on the market.

How Do Data Recovery Techniques Work?

Data recovery techniques are deployed in situations where data on your hard drive becomes corrupt or inaccessible. There is not just one way to recover data that has been lost due to formatting, malicious programs or accidental deletions. If you are planning to repair the physical damages by yourself, know that you will forfeit all guarantees of manufacturer. Logical damages are caused by corrupt programs or Operating System failure.

Recovering Permanently Deleted Items in Outlook

There is a good chance that you will lose Outlook data even without you being aware of it. Deleting unwanted data from Outlook is an extremely easy process.

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