Comment récupérer des fichiers supprimés sous macOS Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave

LINUX Data Recovery From Ext3 File System Partition Is Possible

Being part of this e-age, we must have witnessed data loss every now and then. Though LINUX is not new to us, for its command mode and less user friendlier user interface, users are less comfortable at using it. Furthermore, if there happens any problem leading to data loss, the panic is beyond explanation.

How to Repair Exchange 2007 After Files Deletion by SP1 Setup

This article describes the process to repair Exchange Server 2007 after files are deleted due to setup of SP1. Data stored in the corrupt Exchange database file becomes inaccessible due to which Outlook users cannot access their emails, contacts, etc. In this article, you know about repairing damaged Exchange database file.

With an Online Backup Service, Will Your Data Always Be There When You Need It?

When you choose an online backup service you want to make sure your data will be available even if you quit the service. In this article, I will go over the safety inherent in the online backup system and show you how to make sure you can access it even after you leave the service and move your business somewhere else.

How to Recover Lost Data From a Hard Drive Easily

Did your hard drive just break down and you failed to get a backup of your files? If this happens, do not panic. Advancements in technology have found solutions for this problem. Now, you can find several ways to recover lost data from hard drive.

Remote Backup and Recovery Solutions – How to Improve Performance With Limited IT Resources

Traditional tape backups can’t keep up with the needs of modern data centers. IT managed services such as remote backup solutions improve IT efficiency and protect data more securely than outdated technologies.

How to Recover Formatted Partition the Sure Way

When your hard drive gets reformatted, all your files will be erased from your computer. In case you have accidentally reformatted your hard drive without creating a backup of all your files beforehand, do not worry. There is still a way to recover formatted partition on your hard drive.

How Do You Decide To Backup Your Data?

It has taken you years to accumulate your files, pictures, and music. Unfortunately, it can be lost in seconds. In this article, I will walk through the thought process for choosing an way to back up your info.

The History of Data Backup Storage

Ever since the UNIVAC back in the 1950’s, storage of data has been an evolving and critical issue. Developers of computer technology have constantly worked to provide safer and more dense means of storing information. In this article, I will show you the progression of storage media from the earliest punch cards to the current automation in state of the art online backup.

Will Online Services Backup EVERYTHING?

Online backup services will backup everything on your computer, if you tell them to. However, they won’t backup everything automatically and in this article I will show you what you have to do to make sure the major things you need are totally backed up.

3 Main Reasons To Choose Online Backup Vs An External Hard Drive

Evaluating whether to backup your data online or use hard media is a tough question for most computer users. The choice becomes clear if you are on the internet a lot. In this article I will discuss the 3 main reasons why online backup is the better option.

Capacity Manager Work Processes

Enterprises that employ a capacity manager do so with an eye to improving how they make use of their storage resources. This specialized professional enables IT personnel to perform specific activities relating to how such resources are used. These activities include service, business and resource capacity management.

How to Fix an Exe Crash – Repair Tip!

Unfortunately, windows errors are a common problem among PC users; nevertheless, there is a way that enables you to fix an EXE crash without hours of hard work. Just read the following and you’ll be able to rid your PC of a wide variety of windows issues – without outside help.

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