Stellar Repair for MS SQL Testimonial by Microsoft MVP Damian Widera

Top Features of Any Remote Data Backup Software Program

So lets talk about some key features you need to look for with any remote data backup software program. First off you want continuous data protection. Any program you choose needs to capture and track file changes constantly without any input from the user.

Backup Devices, RAID Discussed and Compared

We’re often asked about what type of backup device would be best for our customers. The advice we gives varies by customer and situation, here are some examples of devices and their uses. Whatever device you choose for backup, remember the most important part of backing up is to always have more than one copy. Your backup device does you little good if it holds the only copy of your files.

Recover Pictures Post ‘Memory Card Parameter Error’

Though these cards are reliable and efficient, they have disadvantages as well. The only way to deal with corruption is to re-format the card in the digital camera.

Efficient Storage Capacity Planning Facilitated by Management and Reporting Solutions

Without efficient storage capacity planning, businesses may end up investing in additional storage they don’t really need. With the use of a capacity management solution, a company can maximize its data storage resources.

Easiest One Step Computer Backup – Never Lose Your Important Data Or Precious Photos Again!

When did you last back up your computer? If you are like most people, you might feel embarrassed to admit that you do not remember. We use our computers and laptops as filing cabinets and photo albums. It’s devastating to have a computer crash and lose this valuable data; and crashes happen more often than you might think!

NetBackup Reporting Made Easy Through a Backup Management Platform

Veritas NetBackup, a leading enterprise level data backup suite, can be more closely monitored with the use of a NetBackup reporting tool. Today, companies are realizing the need to implement systems which give IT departments centralized storage management capabilities over the entire data center.

Data Disaster Recovery Planning – A Beginner’s Guide

Is your small business set up effectively in the event of information devastation? If not, this is the quick primer to help you in the most significant elements to contemplate for one’s security. The most prevalent organization disaster is info loss, which commonly derive from quite a few causes such as human mistakes, computer hardware failure, natural disaster and theft.

Utilising Virtualisation For Disaster Recovery – Part 1

According to Gartner, around 15-20 per cent of IT workloads are already virtualised, and this figure could potentially treble to 50-60 per cent by 2012. Such positive adoption is easily explained when you consider that the resultant benefits read like an IT director’s wish list. A typical virtual machine environment brings significantly reduced hardware, energy and space costs – in terms of power and cooling alone, virtual servers are reckoned to be 700-800% more efficient than a traditional server.

All About Deleted Picture Recovery

The situation becomes very deplorable when there is no backup available to compensate for the data loss. But to find a deleted picture recovery software, which caters to your data recovery needs, could be an onerous task.

Do You Want Data Recovery Software Or Simply an Unerase Software Program?

Data recovery software and unerase tools are promoted exactly the same, however they are distinct in a couple of ways: recovery software typically provides numerous recovery functions to handle numerous scenarios; and more essentially, they will restore more files. The cost analysis If you would like to begin searching for a software application solution without listening to my explanation of the technological distinctions, look at the cost. This is the easiest way to figure out which tier of software programs you are reviewing.

Will Your Small Business Need Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is quickly becoming the premier method to store your important business data. But is it safe? And do you need it?

Resolving Event ID 489 in Exchange Server

Microsoft Exchange Server database file can often develop errors, which it finds unable to remove by normal repair methods. Inability to open a database file is one such error.

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