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Disaster Recovery: What Businesses Need to Know

  Imagine arriving to work and finding that your business’s IT system was destroyed by a flood or a fire. If you did not have a disaster recovery plan in place, your business might very well never reopen. Alternatively, if it did, its chances of achieving the previous level of success would be minimal.

Disaster Recovery for Businesses: Frequently Asked Questions

  Disaster recovery services help businesses sustain the IT network in the midst of disasters such as fires and floods. At a time when the IT network is a lifeline for revenue production, the importance of having a disaster recovery plan cannot be underscored. If your business is without a recovery plan, and you need information about getting one, the answers below will help: Does one still need a plan if the business’s data is backed up offsite?

When a Business Should Retain IT Network Consultants

IT network consultants help businesses implement the right resources to meet IT objectives, but it is difficult to know when to retain a consultant. Many people understand network requirements well enough to resolve basic problems, but the key is to prevent problems from occurring; and this is where retaining a consultant helps. If your business experiences one of the situations below, contacting an expert from a managed services provider is a good idea.

Signs a Business Needs IT Consulting Services

When a business experiences an IT problem, its principals often turn to the Internet for help, but at a time when IT advice is offered in thousands of blogs and business websites, it is difficult to know what advice to trust. When the health of a business’s network is essential to the health of its bottom line, IT consulting services should be used to address issues with the network. When a business experiences the situations below, a consultant from a managed services provider should be contacted for advice: IT Investments that are Over Budget Sometimes…

Is There a Business Case for Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is, and has been a hot topic for some time now, but why all the fuss? Read on to discover the key benefits associated with the cloud.

Discover the Importance of Data Recovery Software

Many long time computer users have lost personal files one way or another. The data could have been unimportant and was easily replaced or it could have been quite valuable that caused some anxiety.

Data Backup Considerations

Data backups are essential for most modern businesses. But before you choose your solution there are some important considerations you need to take into account.

Archiving Microsoft Exchange Server for 17a-4 – A Guide for FINRA Firms

Financial firms who are members of FINRA need to understand that Exchange server is not compliant. And to achieve the specific email archiving rules of 17a-4, and extra step needs to be taken. Otherwise they may not be able to reproduce historical emails and risk audit failure.

Online Asset Ownership – Who Will Own Your Digital Legacy?

Have you made a will? Did you include your digital data and computer accounts? If you didn’t, you might be leaving big problems for your loved ones to deal with after you are gone.

How To Securely Delete Files

Deleting a file through typical means, does not necessarily mean that you removed the file from your hard disk. With some tools or software, the file you just deleted can be easily recovered. When you send a file to a recycle bin, the operating system only deletes a record of the files that you want to delete.

Remote Server Backup Advantages: Online Business Backup

This article is about remote server backup advantages. The target audiences for this article are those interested in online business backup advantages.

Physical Hard Disk Destruction Methods and the Benefits

Files in the computer as we know today, are causing danger to an individual, a business, or a company. A basic file deletion will just send it to the recycle bin and can be recovered anytime. A brilliant idea is to skip the recycle bin or empty it as soon as sensitive information is deleted.

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