Hard Drive Data Recovery Process – Stellar Data Recovery

Backing Up Your Computer – Just How Important is It?

Digital photos could be priceless. Downloaded music could have enormous value. A report stated that 1 meg worth of data on average is valued at $10,000.

A Data Retrieval Service Can Help You Recover That Lost Data

It happens more often than you think; you’re working on your computer and suddenly your hard drive crashes. You panic, thinking of all the important stuff inside that hard drive — your company project, your personal financial records, and personal files — all gone. Even worse, you have no backup files on a flash disk.

Resolving “Load Needed DLL’s For Kernel” Error in Microsoft Windows

In Microsoft Windows operating system, Program Files is a folder in which all of the applications that aren’t part of operating system are installed. Every application is installed in its own sub folder where all the related binary and other system files are stored.

Exchange Server Database Unmountable After Applying SP3 Or Later

Service Pack 3 (SP3) and later for Exchange Server include several security and performance enhancing improvements that provide the user more customized experience. You are recommended to always perform a complete database backup before installing the update on your Exchange database computer. This is because installing the update and upgrading Exchange Mailbox Server might render the database unmountable. In such cases, you require to use your current database backup to restore it or perform effective Exchange Server Recovery using third-party tools.

Inbox Repair Tool Fails to Fix ‘An Error Has Occurred Which Caused’

Most of the corruption issues encountered in Microsoft Outlook PST files occur due to power failure, not closing the application properly or Outlook errors. The built-in utility, scanpst.exe, is competent to fix minor corruptions with the file. However, most of the PST file corruption problems cannot be resolved by this Inbox Repair Tool. To solve them, you must use a third-party product that could scan the corrupted file efficiently and restore it at a safe location.

Windows 98 Registry

When trying to fix up your computer, the best program to use is the windows 98 registry. Its functionality is similar to the older version of it and it has other features that other programs don’t have. Most register cleaner software come with a certain degree of scanners that allow for a quick fix of your modules.

Data Recovery Solutions to Save Your Hard Drive

Because of data recovery solutions available today, a crashed hard drive does not have to be a moment of trauma for you. There are possible solutions you can turn to in order to get back the data that you lost, and if you act immediately, it is possible for you to have at least 80% of that data back.

Survival Guide to Disk Recovery

The process of disk recovery has risen to prominence over recent years, as so much important data is now stored on computer storage units. Pretty much every action you carry out on your computer means that something is written on the hard drive, such as visiting websites etc. All the pages you view on the internet are stored in the Temporary Internet Folder.

Remote Laptop Backup Suggested Features

Technology in our world advances with each passing day. A typical office way back then contains filing cabinets where we keep files, a typewriter to create documents and a regular desk telephone to receive and make calls.

Why it is Important to Back Up Data

Data loss is not something that anyone wants to live with. After all, we have all become so dependent on the electronic forms of our data. And yet, despite this dependence and the fact that we are fully aware of it, we often neglect to back up data.

Data Recovery 101 – What to Do When Your Hard Drive Crashed

Data recovery is the best option you have at hand in the event that your hard drive crashes. By hiring the services of a data recovery expert, you stand a chance of recovering a big part of the data you lost, if not all of it.

Resolving “HTML Import Errors” in Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is an advanced and widely used presentation application. It has a wide set of features, including saving slides as web page. You can save a PowerPoint presentation as web page and can directly use in web pages. But in some situations, the presentation that is saved as a web page, can not be opened and you encounter some error messages when you try to access it or alter it.

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