How to merge partitions without losing data

Data Recovery Techniques – Methods Applied For Physical and Logical Damages

Data recovery is essential both for physical and logical damages. Physically damaged files are those that involve storage media like CD-ROMs, hard disks and tapes. This causes data to be lost extending to the damage of logical structures of the system. Logical damages on the other hand, are those that result from power outages causing failure in transferring files into a storage media.

Common Sense Tips & Hints For Care of Your Backup Tapes

Storage, manufacturer instructions and basic common sense are three of the big keys relating to back up tapes and their continued long life for use in your business. There are basic steps you can follow to reduce the risks of data loss and therefore the requirement to use the services of a data recovery specialist. Read on for some very simple information for tape care.

What is the Best Program to Recover Deleted Outlook Emails!

Need to recover a deleted outlook email? If so your in the right place, continue reading to learn how to retrieve deleted messages and the best program to recover deleted outlook email…

Online PC Backup Solutions

Data loss is a disaster no one wants to deal with. If you have ever had a computer crash on you and lost any important files, then you know how difficult and frustrating it can be. This is especially true for those of us that use our computers for business purposes. If you work from home or you run your own small business, your computer is likely one of the main, most important components of keeping your work running smoothly and properly. If that computer crashes, though, and you have not taken the time to get your data backed up, then you can be in big trouble…

Backup For Disaster Recovery

Any computer user dreads a mishap with the machine that could cause data loss. At best, it is inconvenient, and at worst, it can be a devastating blow. All sorts of things can happen not only to your computer but to the building its in that can cause data loss, and to prevent that from happening, you need a disaster recovery plan. Disaster recovery refers to the process of putting precautions in place that will prevent data loss as much as possible, as well as planning what to do if data loss occurs to get back up and running as quickly as possible.

Ways to Find a Document That You Think is Lost

Have you created a document but you forgot where you have saved it? This article will help you find the documents you thought were already lost.

iPod Data Recovery

Gone are the days when we used tape recorders or MP3 players to listen to our favourite musical tracks. Things are getting modern with every passing day. This 21 st century is the age of ultra modern and fashionable gadgets. Talking about modern gadgets, iPods have got no match when it comes to listening to music.

Security Center – How to Remove This Fake Security Software

There is nothing ‘secure’ about Security Center. If you are one of the unfortunate thousands of people with this spyware infection on your computer, you must get rid of it quickly. It will hijack your internet browser, adjust your desktop, annoy you with popups, and attempt to steal your credit card information using high pressure marketing tactics and fake scans. Don’t let another moment pass. Get rid of Security Center now.

PC Backup Software

If you have ever had your computer crash on you and lost even some of your data as a result, then you know how frustrating this can be. The way to avoid any major disasters involving data loss is to back up your system, and one way many people do that is through the use of PC backup software. PC backup software is a computer program that you use to create a complete, comprehensive, and entire backup of your computers files and data. It can also be used to back up a system, database, or server.

How Should I Backup My PC?

As any computer user that has experienced a crash before knows, it is incredibly important to backup your PC. In the event that something goes awry with your PC, you do not want to risk losing all of your important files, whether you use your PC for work or strictly for personal use. The consequences of not backing up your PC can be dire. If you use it for work, you risk losing files that are integral pieces required for you to actually do your job. If you use it for play, then you risk losing precious family photos, a movie you love, or mp3s of an album that you hunted for for years.

The Secret to Undeleting Deleted Files

Sometimes, when you accidentally delete a file and it does not go into the Recycle Bin. Why? Does it mean it’s not deleted?

PC Backup Methods

Backing up your data is a crucial part of being a PC user, whether you use your computer for work or you use it for play. You cannot afford to lose any of your precious data!

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