Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Rated Best Data Recovery Software by PCMAG

Video Recovery From the Canon HV20

The Canon HV20 was meant to be a follow-up to the HV10, which was the company’s first compact camcorder in High Definition (HD). The camcorder stores data in MiniDV or HDV format on MiniDV cassette and SD Cards. The data stored on these storage media is highly volatile and can get lost due to a number of reasons.

Restore Images From a Flash Card

Deleted digital photos recovery utility restores lost snaps from flash card. Data restore utility recovers all deleted by mistake favorite family images with the help of a flash card images recovery tool. Flash card images recovery software supports all brands of memory card including Nikon, Canon, Sony and Samsung.

The Benefits of a Time Machine

While I would prefer to be talking about how I own a real time machine this article refers to the beauty of the backup and recovery system that comes with every Apple operating system now. I’ve had the experience of needing it both for small file recoveries and full system restores and I can safely tell you it’s second to none in terms of convenience and ease.

Hard Drive Freezer Trick

As an experienced professional in the IT industry, I will tell you that the hard drive freezer trick is not a myth. I was actually surprised to see how many articles and forum posts there are online that claim that freezing a drive in attempt to recover data never works. This trick involves some luck, but you must also be sure to do it correctly.

Removing Spyware Can Be Easy – What Expensive Computer Repair Guys Don’t Want You to Know!

Spyware is similar to a computer virus, in that it gets into your system without your permission, and it accesses things it shouldn’t touch, whether it’s digging through the data files on your computer, or doing something dangerous like deleting important system files leaving you to wonder just what is taking place. Spyware will get in your system any number of ways, and once it infects your PC you might not be able to stop it from causing harm to your computer. When the spyware has infected your system, there are repairs that you can perform yourself to spare the…

Document Recovery After Fire Or Water Damage

Recovering after an unexpected fire or water damage catastrophe is not always the easiest thing to do. Homeowners and business owners that suffer from an unexpected loss due to fire or water damage in their property find themselves struggling for direction in how to get their lives back to normal. The process of restoring a property after a disaster can take months to complete and cause large interruptions in your lives.

Recovering Images Post CF Card Formatting

A Compact Flash (CF) card is used for storing images, audios, videos, and other multimedia files safely and to make their portability easier. Formatting a card enables it to interact with the device it is being used by. It does so by setting up a file system. Sometimes, device specific information is also added to the card during formatting. After card corruption, formatting the card makes it reusable. While this resolves the problem of data inaccessibility, it erases all the data from the card. Thereafter, if there is no back-up available, one can use an Image Recovery Software to recover lost files.

E-Greeting Worms

Technology has been a boon to us most of the time. It is meant to ease our way of living by making things simpler, faster and easier to share. E-greetings were meant to make sending special messages to loved ones, colleagues, etc., more convenient.

Online Backup in a Broadband World – Rethinking Services

IT consultants can thank the big name online backup companies for their exposure of the dire need for effective backup procedures, especially for small to medium businesses. By inundating the airwaves with thousands of commercial spots, they have managed to start convincing business owners that backup should probably be on their minds and that online backup is a viable and safe alternative to tape.

Speed Up My Computer – How to Repair a Slow Computer

There are literally 100’s of different cleaners on the market today, however not all of them are effective or even safe to use. Some RCs are scams and can embed itself into your system installing viruses, malware and spyware to harm your computer.

Hard Disk Data Recovery Services

Hard disk data recovery services can be offered in many different companies around the world. It can be termed as the retrieval of data from a crushed computer due to hard disc error, virus.

How to Recover Data From Windows 7 Hard Drive

What Is Data? Data is a small word of great importance in today’s world of computers. In this small word, the whole world of information could be fed.

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