Fix error code 36 on Mac | Unable to Empty trash on macOS

Recovering Linux System After Using

In the Linux operating system, the fsck is a useful utility that scans the file system for consistency and integrity. It is usually run automatically at the startup if the system detects that it is in an inconsistent state.

Restore Digital Pictures With Digital Photo Recovery

Gone are the days of photo on films, and welcome digital photos. Digital photography truly proves to be more convenient and cost-effective when taking pictures of our great moments with our loved ones. We get to use cool digital cameras that provide the vibrant details of every subject we take a shoot at. Using digital cameras, we also have to use extra storage of more photos, called memory cards. Whether it’s an SD, XD or MMC card, it sure does need some careful handling considering it is really vulnerable to data corruption and lost that is frequently caused by human errors and mishandling. When this occurs, your photos may get deleted, and you may be at a desperate search to recover lost photos.

Digital Photo Recovery: Get Deleted Photos From SD Card

Today, we are blessed with the digital photography, a technology that made daily moments of joy and laughter last forever. In addition to digital cameras, the memory SD cards are a great blessing because they can store more digital photos that what the memory of a digital camera can. They are a great adjunct to the memory of digital cameras; however, they can also be a threat to the safety of your camera since they are more vulnerable to virus infection and data corruption. When we transfer pictures from our memory cards to our computers, it is opened for viruses that would come from your PC. This might lead to data corruption or worse, loss of your precious pictures.

Entourage Repair When Corruption Hides Your Database

Microsoft Entourage enables you to create multiple Identities to effectively manage various accounts. Although users create multiple copies of the Identity as backup, but still they face corruption. It is extremely significant to Identity Entourage corruption at early stage to avoid severity of corruption and prevent permanent data loss.

Reasons of OST File Corruption: To Recover Convert OST to PST

To recover OST file, the in-built tools can be used to do the needful. However, if you are unable to do so then you should use a third-party OST to PST converter that converts OST to PST file after repairing the OST file.

How To Recover Data From Scratched Hard Drive

A hard drive, also known as a hard disk, a hard disk drive or an HDD is an important component in a computer. All the programs and files are stored in this hard drive. If the drive is damaged, you lose all the data i.e. all the files and the programs. Each year, an alarmingly large amount of important data that has not been backed up is lost due to failed hard disks. This has led to the recent boom in the hard drive recovery industry.

Mozy Web Backup Review

Review of Mozy, a terrific backup solution both for professional business use or personal use. Evaluate Mozy’s capabilities, price, pros versus cons and the areas it needs to refine.

Recover Deleted Files – The Facts You Need To Know to Get Your Data Back

Permanent loss of important data on our computers is something that every PC owner dreads having to deal with, but the chance of you having a drive fail during the years that you own a computer is very high. At least once you will likely have a drive go down. I know personally I have had at least a few and every time it’s a panic to see if the information stored on the hard drive can be saved to recover deleted files.

Get Your Lost Photos From Nikon D300 Memory Card

Graced by its 12.3 megapixel sensor, the Nikon D300 is truly a pride of Nikon, and a favorite of digital photographers. Besides the good reputation it has earned because of the unmatched picture quality, the users love Nikon D300 for its ability to support Compact Flash cards type 1 and 2. These memory cards have a heavy capacity, starting from 20 MB and spanning up to 32 GB, which is great for capturing videos. Because of some human errors, like using the flash cards in multiple different cameras, sudden turning on and off of the cam, and getting it infected by a virus through PC-to-device data transfer, the flash cards of Nikon D300 are susceptible to data corruption and / or loss. As your CF becomes inaccessible, you might not be able to store more photos in the memory card.

Recovering Lost Files – Four Things You Should Know About Hard Drive Crashes

At one time or other you will have a hard drive failure and the information, photo, memories, work etc. you lose are irreplaceable. Now you do have the option to go to a service in your local area and pay them to get your information off your hard drive, but I will tell you this now that is going to be very expensive.

Data Scrubbing

Making sure your data is accurate is important. Scrubbing or cleaning your data on a regular basis will make a big difference.

Importance of Data Backup Strategy

What happens if your computer or network crashes? Do you have a data backup strategy in place?

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