How to wipe disk and partition to avoid data leak with Todo Backup

How to Recover Photos Deleted From SD Disk Or XD Card

Have you accidentally deleted pictures off your SD Card that you really wanted to keep, or did you lose them due to a corrupt or formatted storage device? Whatever the reason may be if you wish to recover deleted pictures from your Digital Cameras Memory card then read this article.

Reasons to Have a Disaster Recovery Plan in Place

Emergencies happen within a business. That is something that is inevitable. You never know when an entire system is going to crash or another disaster may come about.

Do You Back Up Regularly?

Okay now be honest. Do you have copies of all your work – and do you update them regularly? What would happen now if you suddenly lost all your work, your computer crashed irretrievably or your laptop was stolen? If you have a website or do most of your work on computer then you owe it to yourself to keep back ups of all the data you have. Even though your hosting provider may be completely secure and your website is in no danger at all of crashing or being lost, we all know that things do happen and if you don’t have back ups of anything then you run the risk of losing everything – and by that I mean your whole business.

Create a Computer Backup That You Can Really Use

Data Loss. If it hasn’t happened yet, it will. Plan on it – better yet, plan ahead (by creating an incremental backup) so that when it happens, you will be prepared and not lose anything.

How to Remove Password Protection From a Microsoft Word Document

If you have ever forgot or lost the password to an important Microsoft word document and cannot access the files no more, don’t panic! You can still access the file as you can remove the password protection.

PC Data Recovery Software

Do you need data recovery software to recover deleted files? Have you lost files emptied from the recycle bin? Or lost files due to formatting of a hard drive, virus infection, unexpected system shutdown or failure? Recover deleted or lost files, documents, graphics, music, video or zip files. Use a data recovery software application package that is easy to use, and will recover the files quickly. There is no need to panic.

Windows Registry Repair Software – What to Consider When Buying Registry Repair Programs

Any PC owner that uses Windows OS should know how to use windows registry repair software. In time, registry problems appear and it’s better to fix them before they’ll endanger your computer. At the end the result will be an increased and significant computer speed and better PC performance.

IT Asset Management & Business Data Security

For IT asset management, there are experts, who are well versed with IT asset Portfolio management. These include technological, financial, physical and contractual aspects. By now you would have got a brief idea about what is IT Asset Management & Business Data Security.

Tape Recovery – How Tape Works

Tape data recovery is a subject that oftentimes seems to scare otherwise technically competent recovery engineers. Tape is seen as arcane and difficult to deal with, but it is not fundamentally different from any other storage medium, it just has some different features.

Data Recovery Lab – How to Choose the Right One?

Choosing the right data recovery company to take care of your data requirements is never an easy job. Your data is very important to you and want it secured at any cost.

Why You Should Choose an Automated Backup

Having a backup solution is necessary, but having automated backups is even more vital. What if you forget your backup for a week? What if you backup incorrectly? Could your time be better spent? These are all problems solved by automatic back – read on.

Is Your World Crashing Around You?

Who isn’t being affected by all the craziness in our world? With the global financial markets on a roller coaster ride on every single continent combined this with economic instability rampant everywhere, there has been a time where ensuring that all your bases are covered with more important and this includes ensuring your business data is completely protected.

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