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How to Lose Your Data

Computers are amazing machines. Not only do they allow us to play card games, play music and watch movies, but they are filing cabinets for our important documents, digital photos and financial information.

How To Restore Corrupted Files

There are few things more infuriating than attempting to open up a file on your computer only to have it continuously fail. The good news is that corrupted files can often be recovered with the situation nowhere near as serious as it would be with deleted files which cannot be recovered.

Extreme Weather and Data Loss

There is nothing more soothing than the sound and smell of a gentle spring rain. However, severe thunderstorms and torrential rainfall bring the possibility of unexpected data loss if the correct precautions are note taken.

Laptop Encryption – Protection for Your Computer From the Inside

Laptop encryption is changing the data of your laptop into an unreadable code. Decryption is done to make the data readable again. Just imagine the disaster that can happen in losing your laptop without encryption. Your confidential files, emails, projects, money, and job are all at stake when your laptop goes into the wrong hands. The need to protect your laptop the moment data are produced is a must.

Convert VHS Movies to DVDs

Home movies have been a part of family life for a long time. From the old reel-to-reel projectors and their miles of film to the modern camcorder and its flash memory cards, capturing the important events of our lives has been and will continue to be an important part of growing up as a family.

Remote Backup – Guard You and Your Business Against Unwanted Data Loss

Remote backup is the ultimate way to provide backup of data that you know you cannot just lose. With this kind of backup, files, emails, and your computers entire system are provided backup off-site. There is no other way to recover data in times of disasters but by providing a remote backup.

What Is The Best Backup Software?

Many people are curious to find out what is the best backup software. This is a fair question because people want to make sure their files and computers are well protected. Of course, the challenge of answering this question is that the answer can change depending on what specific things you value. However, there are some things that the best backup software should have regardless of the actual product. Here, we take a look at a few things yours should absolutely have.

Fixing Problems With Outlook And PST/OST Files

If you’re having issues with your Outlook files then there are a few options you have. Sometimes you can fix corrupted or damaged files with software, or recover deleted emails or contacts.

Disaster Recovery – Be Prepared!

Can your business survive a disruption or crisis? Most companies believe they can-until one occurs. Don’t wait for a large or small disaster to occur to build your disaster recovery plan to ensure business continuity. Be prepared… Start today!

Migrating Old Data to New Media

Since the old high school days, over three and a half decades ago, I have seen many changes in the technologies that affect our lives. Technology has changed the way we cook, clean, navigate, communicate and entertain ourselves.

Converting Tif Files to PC Files

Converting Mac.tif files to PC files should be quick and easy with these simple steps. Yes, even for MS Windows users with little to no technical experience.

How Can I Change File Permissions?

Being able to control the ability to run specific file types on a particular computer system or network environment is a very important functionality, especially for system administrators. This also provides computer users with a way of limiting access to system critical or even potentially dangerous types of files. There is always a possibility that some novice computer user may accidentally run a file which can erase the contents of the entire hard drive or turn off critical system services.

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