Recover Deleted or Lost Word, Excel, PPT or PDF Files or Documents

Concept Of Recovery Of Deleted Files

When you delete a file in Windows, you click on the file, and you press the DEL key (Delete, or DELETE) on your keyboard. Or you click the right mouse button on the file and selecting “Delete”. But the file is not really deleted. It is actually just moved to the Trash. The trash is not much more than a folder located on your hard drive.

Moving House – Addressing the Issues of Data Cleansing With Goneaway Suppression

Goneaway suppression allows companies to easily and quickly keep a track on those customers that may have moved house and changed address. Used as part of an effective data cleansing system, goneaway suppression could save many thousands of pounds.

Getting Error Message ‘Cannot Open Your Default Email Folders’? Convert OST to PST

OST file often becomes inaccessible or displays some of the error messages because of the many possible adverse conditions. The article describes the causes behind OST file corruption and ways to deal with them. Read this article and find ways to get quick accessibility to MS Outlook.

Forgot or Lost Windows 7 Password – Useful Solutions You Need to Know

Forgot or lost your Windows 7 log on password? Here listed 6 useful solutions that can help you to do Windows 7 password reset if you are in need of.

Restoring Deleted Files From Recycle Bin – My Method

Think of a situation when you accidentally delete files. Wouldn’t you panic when this happens? Fortunately, there are efficient data recovery software brands out there to show you the best way of restoring deleted files from Recycle Bin folder.

Recover Data From OST File When It Overflows

There are times when OST file exceeds the limit of its storage and stats to overflow. This results into number of problems like inaccessibility of the Outlook and hindrance in operation. To avoid any such outcome the article describes few steps that help to combat the situation and open OST file.

Data Recovery From NTFS Based PCs

NTFS Data Recovery from PCs whose one or more hard disk partitions are formatted becomes essential if there is vital data that have been lost due to formatting. Also, where the NTFS partition is corrupt or damaged, it often happens that some sort of error message pops up when you are trying to access the files saved in your hard drive.

Hard Drive Recovery Data Tip: Hard Drive Failure Recovery Without Backup Possible?

When your hard disk fails, and no backup is done, then hard drive recovery data solution becomes necessary. Read on if you want to get a better idea on the steps involved and necessary precautions to be taken when engaging hard drive recovery service to carry out hard drive failure recovery.

Things To Consider in Choosing Data Recovery Company

Losing important data because your computer is crashed, hacked and infected with viruses or malware can be very irritating. It is going to be more irritating when you need the data right away.

How to Fix “Stop: 0x00000000A” Error in Windows XP

Are you getting STOP error while accessing files from Windows XP operating system-based hard drive after upgrading to Windows XP? Are you unable to access files from hard drive? Well, this behavior may occur due system or operating system related problems.

What Is Online Backup?

Online backup is becoming more and more popular because of its many great advantages and benefits. If you need to backup information, online backup is probably the way to go. Here are a few of the reasons why.

Oracle Training – Data Guard Administration Release 2

Statistics show that a certified database administrator earns anywhere between six and ten percent more than a database administrator, who is not certified. This, and the need of better understating of the relational databases and the various database management packages, has led to boom in the number of online and offline training courses offered. When it comes to Oracle 11g, the latest Oracle release, learning all its new features and the best way to implement them could prove quite challenging. The various training programs that are offered online could be a great way to master some of the basic topics, but for better training and hands-on approach, attending a class comes highly recommended.

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