How to Repair Corrupt Outlook PST file with Stellar Repair for Outlook software

Troubleshooting Error 144 in Corrupt MySQL Table

Table corruption in MySQL database tables is a very serious issue that often is experienced while working on the tables. Due to table corruption, you are unable to work on the tables such as retrieving some data from the tables. In more critical cases, the tables become inaccessible thereby making the data vulnerable. MySQL provides some way-outs to repair MySQL tables, which at times do not guarantee complete and safe recovery.

How to Make Use of Online Backup Services

Indeed there are numerous free online backup programs that you can find. There are several different reasons why companies are offering free backup online. Some go for them but there are also some who find it not worthy to give a try. You might also want to try it but there are things that hinder you to do it. It would be best if you yourself will find out if these online backup services are worthy of your time and effort.

Restore Hard Drive After a Hard Drive Crash and Recover Lost Data Using Partition Recovery Software

You try to restore a hard drive after it crashes. There are two types of hard drive crash – mechanical or logical. The reasons for mechanical crash include malfunctioning of the drive itself or wear and tear of either the platter or the motors.

How to Make Sure Your Free Data Recovery Program Was Worth the Download

How to recover deleted files is one thing, but are you sure the files are recoverable? Making sure you have created an environment suitable for file recovery is very important.

Hard Drive Data

Hard drive recovery can become a reality for every computer user. This is one of those things that happens, no matter how well you can prevent it. Maybe you have to deal with them at this time. Directly to the point of recovery.

Linux Data Recovery – Solution to the Error – No Such Device

Though Linux is still less used in comparison to Windows, it is known for its advanced and improved features. Almost everyday, you can witness a modification to improve your Linux version.

Disk Corruption in LILO Results in Inaccessible Linux System

When a Linux system starts up, the system is started with LiLo (LInux LOader), which is a system file. After that the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) section, after doing some tests, transfers the control to the MBR (Master Boot Record) where the LILO is stored. One big plus of using it is that the booting process becomes real fast especially when stored in the MBR.

Mozy Vs Carbonite – Critical Differences

In the war of online backup services, Mozy and Carbonite have captured a huge portion of the market share. Both services offer similar services for home and business users. On paper, they look the same. However, in this article I will show you clear distinctions that you need to know about.

Top Tips on How Best to Recover Deleted Files

We are all very reliant on computers to store and organise our personal information and files. Much of this is unique data. So what do you do when you accidentally delete your files.

Basic Components of Electronic Document Management

Remember how an average office looked just 30 years ago? Chances are there were entire rooms set aside for paper document storage, or because of space constraints and security concerns those important documents were kept at an off-site location. File cabinets were the norm, taking up valuable square footage and necessitating entire staffs to keep track of all the paperwork. Today’s offices look and function quite differently thanks to electronic document management systems. Here is a short overview of such a system’s basic components.

Options For Sending Documents to Clients

If you run a business, you know that being able to communicate effectively with your clients is the key to your long term success. If large files or sensitive documents are part of your daily transactions, however, you need a special system to make sure they arrive at their destination safely and securely. Here is some brief information about the document sending options available out there (both antiquated and state-of-the-art) to help you in your decision-making process.

Cleaner Pro Registry Review – It’s For Better Optimization!

While the program is running slower everyday, and you PC doesn’t supporting some application or programs to run properly and completely failing to start up, you need to think that these problems are occurring from the registry database. The Cleaner Pro Registry Review can add some information and configuration setting on everything that is running on the computer. If you want to delete some files and applications from your computer for better performance of your computer that time you should check that you have a backup file that can be used further in initialization to your computer.

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