EDB to PST Converter, Product Review of Stellar Converter for EDB by Kunal Udapi (VMWare vExpert)

Understanding Hard Drive Data Recovery

Knowing your computer’s weak spots is a great way to avoid requiring hard drive data recovery. Read more about it here.

The Best Path To Hard Disk Recovery

When it comes to hard disk recovery, knowledge is king. See what you should know when faced with potential data loss.

Data Can Be Recovered From a Burnt Hard Drive

Imagine what will happen if you lose all your vital data from your hard disk drive, when your computer system was charred due to the office building catching fire? Yes, the insurance can cover the financial losses.

Oversized OST File Cannot Be Synchronized in Outlook 2002 and Earlier Versions

If the OST file exceeds this size limit, it may get damaged or may not get synchronized with Exchange Server mailbox. Thus, it may not be possible for you to convert your OST file to a PST (Personal Storage Table) file. This prevents the OST file from being updated. To connect with Exchange Server in such a case, you need to manually Convert OST to PST.

Memory Card Advantages and Disadvantages

This article speaks about the way the concept of data storage has changed ever since memory cards have been introduced. Th article also speaks about the advantages and disadvantages of memory card, and how an user can tackle data loss in a memory card.

Data Backup Vs Data Recovery

This article speaks about the importance of data backup in preventing data loss. The article compares data backup with data recovery software, and explains the various options available in each case.

Linux Data Recovery to Undelete Accidentally Deleted Important Linux Files

‘Undelete’ is an option to recover and restore the lost or deleted files form the computer by rewinding the operation. Without the in-built undelete feature, the retrieval of lost or deleted files is termed as data recovery and in Linux operating system based computers, it is popularly known as Linux data recovery. There are many file systems, which have the built-in undelete feature to reverse an accidental-delete operation of important data.

Recover Entourage Database By Fixing Problems Caused By Entourage 12.2.7 Update

Microsoft periodically releases updates to improve functionality of its products. The update might be a patch to fix any known issue or an addition of feature. However, some updates may prove faulty and cause critical problems.

Data Recovery Linux Utility to Recover Back Your Data in Case of Partition Table Corruption

With technological advancement, now you can install and use more than one operating system in a single computer. This type of configuration, which is known as dual-boot, offers you to enjoy the features of multiple operating systems. However, sometimes, while making dual boot systems with different Linux operating systems the metadata structure gets corrupted.

Data Recovery Linux Utility to Recover Your Data in Case of Hard Drive Crash

  Most of the Linux operating systems are open source applications and are regularly modified in order to safe-guard the system against any new threat in the form of viruses, malwares or other technical drawbacks. An user can witness new changes and improvements in Linux almost every day. In spite of all the good things, still there are occasions, which lead to the loss or inaccessibility of valuable data from your Linux system.

Your HDD Recovery Checklist

If you’ve lost some critical data, pause, and take a deep breath. Then, consult this checklist for data recovery help.

Tips To Resolve “Object Tables or DMS Tablespaces Are Corrupt” Error

A tablespace in DB2 database can become offline due to various reasons like low system memory (system ran out of space), tablespace corruption, hardware failure, application malfunction, improper system shutdown, and many more reasons. In case of tablespace going offline, a user encounters an error message while mounting the database, which results into inaccessibility of its records saved in tables. Such tablespace corruption scenarios can be handled easily if the user maintains a regular backup. However, if the user has forgotten to create a backup or the backup file is inaccessible, then the user can execute the Recover command to recover the table spaces. While Recover command is handy in recovering tablespaces and pages in them, there are times when the command fails to deliver the desired output. For such situations, a DB2 user needs to opt for effective DB2 database recovery software.

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