How to Fix Excel Found Unreadable Content Error

Backup Strategy: Protecting Your Small Business Data

When designing a backup strategy for your small business servers there are several factors that need to be taken into account to ensure that vital business data is protected. The risks to data come from many different scenarios making it important to take these into account before implementing a backup plan.

Siperian UK’s Sister Firm – PowerCenter

Not only is Informatica the owner of big firms like Netezza and Siperian, it has also developed an incredibly great new software called PowerCenter. Where Netezza is an analytical software…

Do You Know What Type Of 24/7 Helpdesk Support You’re Signing Up To?

When you make a call to an IT support helpdesk, what do you expect to receive in return? Obviously it’s a no-brainer that you will want your call to be answered rather than ending up speaking to a recording device. However, once you pass that fundamental point, you may be surprised to know that there is a wide variety of interpretations as to what 24/7 helpdesk support really means.

Unclean Areas, Exposure to Air, and Incorrect Placement of Magnets Are Pitfalls to Data Recovery

If your hard drive stops functioning, it is best to call a professional to perform laptop data recovery or external hard drive data recovery. An amateur may make the mistake of dismantling a hard drive in a garage, which is one of the worst places to perform hard disk recovery. Garages are one of the dirtiest places and it only takes a speck of dust on a hard drive to scratch the platter disk to make recovering data during a laptop data recovery difficult.

Why Rebuilding a Raid Array Won’t Repair Anything Using Raid 5

Some IT professionals may misunderstand the purpose of having Raid and need Raid 5 recovery if they attempt to rebuild a failing Raid array. Rebuilding a failing Raid array doesn’t correct any problems that caused the Raid system to fail. Often times, business owners may think that rebuilding a Raid array will repair and fix a problem.

Avoid Data Loss

Data loss can be frustrating. Yet it is almost inevitable.

Top 8 Reasons IT Projects Fail

The statistics covering IT projects that fail and the vast sums of money written off as a result, are quite terrifying. Almost inevitably, there are a few relatively commonly-found reasons why organisations find themselves with a disaster on their hands.

Recovery Methods That Aren’t Good Data Recovery Retainers

Before you find yourself needing to reach for the freezer to stick the hard drive you have bagged up in plastic, it may be best to seek out a professional who has training in laptop data recovery and who can retrieve that important data during a hard disk recovery. There are ways to do Raid disk recovery that does not really help you and may mean that you lose your important data before you reach a trained professional. Knowing which data recovery methods do not work can help you so you do not make crucial mistakes.

Why DIY Options Aren’t The Best For Failing Hard Drives

It is hard to predict when a hard drive will fail because most hard drives often go without giving a person or a company’s IT personnel much notice. When hard drives fail, they just stop working. It is hard to predict when HDD recovery service is needed and all the more reason why it is best for individuals and companies need a budget for dealing with these unexpected failures.

More Testing, Upgrading Software and Rebalancing Needs May Curb UK Company’s Data Loss

With the introduction of the new data privacy laws, only 26 percent of UK businesses admitted that they thought they were in full compliance of the data privacy laws. Some UK businesses are still struggling to understand fully if they are in compliance and what the steps are to become so. In addition, many UK companies are using newer technology to keep sensitive customer and company data safe from hackers and thieves.

Why You Should Use An Electronic Data Management System

Although we are well into the digital age, many companies are still using paper for their records and other important documents. This is especially true for small companies.

Catastrophe Strikes, Data Destroyed! Are You Next?

Nearly all businesses have disaster recovery plans and procedures in place. Unfortunately there’s a difference between what they “believe” exists and what “truly does” reside as the plan.

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