How to Fix SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION Error in Windows 10?

Backup Software- Don’t Buy It!

Backup Software is for the birds! Computer Backup is too hard, too much trouble and a pain in the butt. Let’s just forget about it. Do your backups they shout! Poppycock! Balderdash! Look, life without backup software is just so much more interesting.

Back Up Your Email Box Before It is Too Late

When so many of us rely so much on our email to operate our businesses or our personal lives, it is important to take preventative measures to avoid the ultimate disaster of unrecoverable email…

Experience A Hard Drive Crash? Learn How To Avoid Making A Bad Situation Even Worse

If you experience a hard drive crash, it doesn’t take much to make a bad situation even worse. In the event of a hard drive crash, in most instances, the data is completely recoverable at first. However, as part of human nature, we often try to avoid the high costs associated with hard drive data recovery in order to find some sort of “quick fix” to a very serious problem.


How do you feel about Car insurance, or House Insurance, even Medical Insurance for that matter. Have any of these come in handy for you and would you even consider not having one or all of these? Think of a Backup plan for your data like Insurance, it is not mandatory but some believe would be foolish not to have

JUST IN CASE: What Biz Emergencies Are You Prepared For?

Everyone knows life is always full of unexpected surprises. Some Good, Some Bad.. But no matter how severe or how simple an emergency, it still messes up your daily routine. So you have to be prepared to handle certain emergencies that are just a part of life…

Essentials of an Effective Backup Strategy

Most people and businesses make the mistake of not having a backup for years worth of data. The primary reasons of foregoing this important procedure is their belief that such a disaster can never happen to them and copying data to a storage device is tedious and even a waste of time.

Local Vs Remote Data Backup – The Pros And Cons

Should you choose a local data backup solution or is remote file backup a better option?

Disc and Data Recovery

Data Recovery is probably the last thing on anyone’s mind when they buy a computer. Most of us never think something will go wrong until it’s too late. Data recovery or Disc Recovery services is something we hope we will ever have the need for.

Easy File Recovery: Basic Backup Guidelines

Ever wondered how to prevent data loss, restore your lost files easily or be able to access your up-to-date work files from anywhere? This article will answer all these questions – and you have probably guessed the answer, anyway.

Hard Disk Data Recovery Expert: Choosing Yours

If you need a hard disk data recovery expert, you need one now. You have just lost a good amount of work that you need to send, well, yesterday. No matter how well versed you think you are in the computer world, chances are that at some point, something will go wrong. This is when you will want to find the right person or company to help solve your problems. Data disk hard recovery is a touchy situation, though. So, to help you find the hard disk data recovery expert that you need, here are a few helpful hints.”

Data Loss and Preventative Measures to Avoid It

How to Prepare for the Storm; From the Eye of the Storm! Don’t let your business get “Blown Away!”

Does it Pay to Backup Emails from Clients Like Outlook Express?

People loose emails. There are several causes like viruses and software or hardware crashes. They can avoid this by backing up email clients like Outlook Express by hand or with a tool like Adolix Outlook Express Backup.

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