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File and Data Backup Is Moving to the Clouds!

Cloud computing offers the individual computer user a simple but very effective file backup option. It is so good it can make hard copy backup redundant.

6 Reasons Why You Need Online Backup

If you have plenty of files on your computer you know how important it is to back these files up. With file sizes growing at a rapid rate as more people use videos and photographs you need more than just regular storage options for your home computer. Many are turning to online backup as a way to have instant access to all their files wherever they are.

Computer Backup: Are You Willing to Roll the Dice?

It is estimated that about 90% of households have at least one computer in the home. Computer Industry Almanac reports that at the end of 2011, there were 310.6 Million computers in use in the US. Studies suggest that the average adult spends between 5 – 8 hours on the computer per day between work and home. I believe that it is safe to say that computers play a huge part in our lives.

Cloud Storage Allows Access of Data All the Time and From Anywhere

Storage of information has gone way beyond the conventional methods which people have known for a very long time and now storage has moved to the remote systems which are now called the cloud. Information here is usually saved and stored in a data center which is a series of servers. These have totally eliminated the need for individuals to wholly store all their data locally on a computer. The whole concept of the cloud storage can be explained as data floating in the cloud or sky and that the location of the data is unknown to the individual.

Effective and Efficient Backup and Recovery Strategies

The backup and recovery systems are aimed at restoring data and configurations such that a catastrophic event will not leave individuals or businesses suffering drastic losses. The reason behind this is that even in the event that all precautions are taken, it is impossible to plan for disasters which will in one way or the other have to happen.

Disaster Recovery Plans to Safeguard Against a Virus

As the IT industry has evolved, so has the threat of data loss because of a virus. The importance of email in the daily operations of a business has caused many companies to adapt their disaster recovery plans to include a solution for virus protection. Unfortunately, many backup solutions do not combat the threat of a virus being backed up.

Disaster Recovery Due to Human Error

We are all susceptible to human error. Unfortunately, these errors can have disastrous consequences if your company’s critical data is involved. A disaster recovery and backup plan can ensure that your data is safeguarded from such mistakes.

Disaster Recover After a Network Has Been Compromised

As hackers add new tricks to their tool belts, businesses must stay one step ahead to protect their data. A disaster recovery and backup plan can help restore your business to full operation with minimal downtime.

Disaster Recovery Strategies Used in Cloud Hosting

Cloud computing and hosting has revolutionized the way in which businesses, small and large, conduct their operations. While the cloud environment allows users to easily scale their websites, there are additional concerns with disaster recovery.

The Importance of a Veeam Backed Disaster Recovery Solution

Losing your company’s data to a disaster can be devastating. By using a disaster recovery solution with Veeam, you can fix this problem both simply and effectively.

Is Your Business’ Data Safe If A Natural Disaster Occurs?

Disaster recovery is an issue that any business must be ready to handle. However, most businesses overlook the possibility of data being destroyed because of natural disasters.

The Importance of a Backup System

Cloud hosting is becoming a more affordable and reliable solution for companies of all sizes. The ability to scale a business’ data automatically is one of the most important reasons companies choose the cloud as their hosting solution.

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