Microsoft MVP Recommended Choice to Repair Database in Suspect Mode

What Exactly Is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the process of building customer relationship through online activities and maintain that relationship. It is nothing but promotion of brand or creation of brand awareness using the Internet.

Protecting APIs From Advanced Security Risks

API is often said as self-document information. It means its internal structure and implementation can serve as way for a cyber attack. If any additional vulnerability like lack of encryption, weak authentication, flaws in business logic and some of the insecure endpoints can result in cyber attacks too.

Why Use Hot Desking App in Coworking Spaces?

Desk reservation is more accessible using a hot desking app. DeskFlex hot desking app is available through Google Play or Apple Store download.

What Is Office Scheduling Software?

A reliable office scheduling software allows company administrators to maximize their office spaces, desk, workstations, and office equipment. Deskflex online reservations software can provide the total office management solution.

Office Hoteling System and the Mobile Workforce

Are you looking for the right office scheduling software to use for your company? DeskFlex online reservations software provides useful meeting room booking tools for your organization.

Benefits of ASP Dot Net Development Services For Your Enterprise Applications

ASP.Net is an interesting technology to develop a robust application for small and large enterprises. If you’re thinking about ASP.Net Development, then this article is for you. Learn about the benefits of ASP.Net Development.

Choosing Amongst the Top Elearning Authoring Tools

With technological advancement, the way learning is delivered also changing. Over the past many years, there is a remarkable increase in the demand for eLearning courses to meet pertinent training needs of the corporate sector. Therefore, the scope of using eLearning authoring tools is continuously on the rise for eLearning development, thereby reducing costs and saving time.

Office Reservation System for Employers and Employees for Return to Work Post COVID19

DeskFlex office reservation system helps in ensuring safe office environments. Employers can ensure the safety of their organization with the advantage of software technology that quickly adapts to the COVID crisis and provides office space management software solutions.

Classroom Scheduling Software for Teachers and Educators for Back to School Post COVID 19

When and how will schools be reopened? It will all depend on the preparedness of schools to comply with the COVID protocols recommended by health experts and governments. Communities across the US are slowly bringing back their students to the classroom. DeskFlex classroom scheduling software helps in ensuring safe campus environments.

How AI Technologies Are Changing Web Development?

Artificial intelligence in all its present form is primordial at best. Merely a tool that can be controlled directed and altered to do the bidding of its human controller. This intrinsic servitude is the precise opposite of the nature of intelligence, which in usual conditions is inquisitive, investigative and downright contrarian.

Reasons Why Odoo Is The Best ERP For Small & Medium Level Businesses

Today, every small business should get an ERP like Odoo ERP integrated into the business system for several reasons. Some of these reasons are summarised here in this article.

How to Optimize Office Spaces Using Facilities and Room Booking Solutions

Business organizations are adapting the flexible work arrangement of their workforce to optimize office spaces and facilities. Enterprises are now enjoying the benefits of using room booking solutions and facilities booking software in optimizing their office spaces.

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