Shrink C drive in Windows 7/8.1/10

Do You Need to Retrieve Files on Your Computer? The One Way to Get Them Back

When your data is lost, or appears to be missing, it may be due to an accidental deletion or your hard drive could be damaged. Naturally, it is harder to retrieve files in a corrupted drive, but it is not impossible.

(Almost) Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About RAID But Were Too Afraid to Ask

RAID can be a confusing concept to those outside of the IT industry, and even some in it. Reduced to its simplest form with a minimum of jargon, RAID is laid bare. Stop the confusion, learn everything you ever wanted to know about RAID basics.

SYLK Format to Repair Excel Workbooks

A Microsoft Excel workbook can get corrupted due to wide variety of reasons-unexpected shutdown, virus attack, application faults, network errors and more. One of the recommended methods to repair such damaged workbooks is to save them in a different format.

The Best Way to Recover Lost Data From Your Computer

We all make mistakes, and every once in a while, we accidentally delete a file or allow a virus to enter our computer, destroying vital files and documents. On the other hand, if we never did something like this, most certainly a child or an assistant could do it for us, and wreck havoc on our work.

Error Message in Sun Solaris

After the above error message appears, the hard drive data becomes inaccessible. In addition, you encounter the same error message even when the FSCK command attempts to check and repair the file systems at the boot time.

The Best Ways How to Remove Spyware Fast

It is very important that you know how to remove spyware, since virtually every computer is prone to some degree or another of getting spyware installed on their system without their knowledge. Spyware is the most common form of malware, software which is programmed for a malicious reasons.

How Does Data De-Duplication Work?

Data protection is a major challenge, which a lot of businesses are seeking ways to outwit. While data growth is not new, the pace of growth has become more rapid, the location of data more dispersed, and the linkage between data sets more complex. Using a data de-duplication software can help in reducing the amount of storage and bandwidth required for backups.

Deleted Something Important on Your Computer? The Secret to Getting it Back

How often do we regret not saving our work on a computer, then suddenly we have to deal with a computer failure or data loss due to power outages? This sort of mistake happens to everyone, and it’s a terrible situation to have to repeat everything again.

Photo Loss and Recovery From Kodak EasyShare V1253 Digital Camera

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is an advanced and robust application to recover lost and deleted digital files. It supports Digital Photo Recovery from all digital memory cards, cameras and hard drives.

Backup a Computer Online

Online Backup is the backup of computer data to a physically remote storage location using the internet as a transport mechanism. It is the safest way to maintain your precious data.

Automated Remote FTP Backup Shell Script

Saving the data from the server may be a problem, especially if you forget about it. Unfortunately the solution provided by PLESK is not always the best one, thus we have tried to come up with a backup alternative.

RAID Disk Failure Due to Missing Parity and Data Recovery Services

In RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) array, Parity is a common technique that is used to detect the system memory faults and it contains the analogous functionality for RAID. The principle behind introducing parity in RAID array is to improve data protection.

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