Move the space between partitions

‘Winword Caused a General Protection Fault’ – Word Error and Recovery or global template is the basic template that Microsoft Word uses each time when you create a document. Even if you are using some other template, this global template always remains in use. file often gets corrupted leaving Word documents is suspect state. You should restore the documents damaged due to corruption from backup. But in some of the cases, backup is found as not updated, damaged or unavailable.

Issues in Outlook PST File After Upgrading to Outlook 2007

Outlook 2007 is the latest version of Microsoft Outlook. The new features that it provides are calendar snapshots, integrated RSS aggregator, programmability features etc. But we face some problems due to the PST file Corruption.

Resolving Startup Error Message in Sun Solaris Operating System

The boot block in Sun Solaris operating system is an area of the hard drive that stores information for loading an operating system. Corruption in the boot block primarily occurs due to improper system shutdown, file system corruption, metadata structure damage, virus infection and more.

The Process of Disk Data Recovery

Data recovery is an enormous and growing field. Charges for saving information from a crashed disk can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars and barely ever has any guarantees. However, as more and more information goes digital, the field continues to grow, in both quantity supplied and demanded.

My Experience With PC3000 UDMA – Unveil the Mask of the ACE Lab

As the first manufacturer of HD data recovery tool aimed at firmware restoration, so far ACE lab already released 3 versions: PC3000ISA, PC3000PCI and PC3000UDMA. ACE Lab has a large number of clients since its first PCI version till latest UDMA. However, to thousands people, the product called PC3000 from ACE lab is like a sealed book which is not readable nor understood by common users.

What Are Data Recovery Services?

People are getting more and more dependent upon computers to help them with their daily affairs, keep track of their records and store their important data. Computers are a great tool and can be a great asset in keeping our lives in order. Even though computers are convenient and in some ways can simplify our lives, they are not invincible or foil-proof. Sometimes computers can crash, or can be damaged, when this happens we run the risk of the computer losing the data that we have stored on it.

This is Scary, Don’t Let it Happen to Your Computer

Possibly the worst thing that can happen to your computer is to get your hard drive erased. As a result you could lose all your photos from vacations, your music, movies, your text files, business files, and everything else. The hard drive can be damaged in many ways…

Adware, Spyware, and Trojans – Oh My! A Guide to What’s What

Back in the good old days of malicious programs that infected computers, most users only had to know one term…virus. However, as technology advances, so do the variations of PC infections.

RAID Data Recovery and UNIX Deleted Files

Data recovery is at its most interesting when there are multiple issues to contend with. So, combining a RAID failure with the deletion of files from a UNIX UFS file system gives rise to a particularly challenging data recovery. It is often considered that the recovery of deleted files from a UFS file system is not possible. This is not true, but neither is it straightforward.

Photo Recovery For Kodak Easy Share C530-C315-CD50 Digital Camera

After formatting, lost data must be restored from the last backup. But sometimes, you find it hard to use your backup to restore because it is not updated or possibly damaged.

Personal Antivirus Removal – 2 Simple Ways How to Remove Personal Antivirus

If your PC is infected with Personal Antivirus, don’t panic. This virus can be removed safely from your computer but there are some things that you need to know first. Performing a Personal Antivirus Removal process is essential because this rogue program is very harmful and can infiltrate your computer with malware or even worse, put your personal information an identity at risk.

What is Malware? A Definition For the Rest of Us

Malware is an often used, but seldom understood term that is used to generally describe malicious programs that identity thiefs, hackers and Internet con-men use to control your computer and use it to perform tasks with you as the user being none the wiser. This article gives an easy to understand definition of Malware so that you can be better prepared to protect yourself from the number one way that cyber crooks compromise your online safety and and even steal your ‘real world’ identity

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