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External Hard Drive Recovery

I have gone in to a lot of detail about data recovery throughout my previous articles, how it works and how to determine if you really require it. There are other drives that have the potential to go wrong and encounter data loss problems…

How Do I Open a Corrupted PDF File?

Having corrupted files on your computer can be a disaster and can take hours to fix. Here is a simple way that you can open your file in just 2 minutes or less.

Useful Tips For Data Backup

You may fail to realize it but free backup software can actually come in handy when you least expect it. Whether you are an average computer user with file volumes, personal documents and photos or a student using a computer for schoolwork, backup solutions are applicable to everyone. Apart from securing you data in a location not susceptible to loss, theft or damage, free backup software also aids in protecting the data and keeping it safe.

Data Storage Safety

The value of information these days often exceeds the value of the storage media themselves. Any loss of valuable computer data often turns to a true disaster – for example, loss or damage of a file that contained company’s annual report, client database or information about the trade operations performed within a period of the whole month. I don’t think that you, home users, would also like to “say good-by” to your valuable information – your photo albums containing memories about unforgettable for you events; recalling of very important for you things; contact information; music and films collection costing a lot at the same time.

Data Recovery – Where is Your Computer Disaster Recovery Plan?

As we become more and more reliant on levels of technology to help us operate our business or personal life, we often ignore at our peril the “what if” scenarios. Our use of this digital technology to help us function and to store all our information carries with it an implied risk — should something go wrong, you had better be sure that you have a contingency in place.

Software Corruption Leads to System Crash

The computer is now a part of every human’s life. Since computers and softwares go hand in hand, where you find computers, you’re bound to find software-at least one if not more!! Softwares have been developed for all kinds of purposes.

Data Recovery – Do You Know Your Best Data Backup Solutions?

While we are all pretty good about keeping up with our insurance policies for various risks in our lives and businesses, we still do not spend enough time considering what might happen if we were to lose all our valuable data and information. There is surely enough to worry about taking care of our clients and all the various projects associated, but we should still consider our best data backup solutions before it is too late.

Database Recovery Concepts

The process of solve any type of database failures, quickly and without data loss and keep database high available is called database recovery.The main elements of database recovery is the most recent database backup.

The Benefits of “Data Recovery”

Besides the obvious readiness to survive a disaster, organizations can enjoy several other benefits from “Data Recovery Planning” Improved business processes: Because business processes undergo such analysis and scrutiny, analysis almost can’t help but find areas for improvement. Improved technology: Often, you need to improve IT systems to support recovery objectives that you develop in the “data recovery” plan. The attention you pay to recover-ability also often leads to making your IT systems more consistent with each other and, hence more easily and predictably managed.

Myths and Realities About Windows Backup Recovery

Many Windows users live with several myths about Microsoft Windows backup recovery. These myths restrict them to get any backup recovery software. These myths are useless as they only amplify users’ trouble of data loss because they restrict the users from trying for Windows backup recovery using an outside tool.

RAID Data Recovery Kills Bugs

RAID Data Recovery schemes should not be considered “backups”. While RAID protects against drive failure, the data is still exposed to operator, software, hardware and virus destruction. Most well-designed computer systems utilize separate backups that hold copies of the data but don’t allow much interaction with it. Intelligent backups copy the data and remove the copy from the computer for safe storage – unlike RAID processes that constantly monitor and manipulate the data.

File Backup Strategies That Work

Have you ever lost all the data on your computer just because you didn’t backup the files? Here are some backup strategies which you can use to save data.

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