How to Recover Data from External Hard Drive

Online Backup Software – Asigra, Carbonite and Venbu

The first one we’ll look at is Asigra. Asigra began life in 1986, offering a service that could back up data over telephone lines. It’s back up technology has been given the name Cloud technology. The latest version of their software in called V9 and offers features that include security, encryption and compliance, along with integrated de-duplication and integrated mass deployment.

How to Download and Install Avast Anti Virus

We recommend using Avast anti-virus for a few reasons. Not only is it a very powerful tool, but it is very easy to use even for beginner computer users. It is free for home use and requires very little active user maintenance to run. Once you have it setup, you don’t need to tinker around with it for over a year. Let’s explain how to install the program.

Trend Micro Virus Removal Tool

Trend Micro is one of the post popular antivirus software available today. It is highly supported by Best Buy and other computer manufacturers. Find out what exactly makes it so special in this review!

Need to Retrieve Lost Files on Your Computer? How Data Recovery Software Will Do the Job For You

If you have not yet heard of data recovery software, then this is the best opportunity to find out more. Knowing more about this software will be your lifeguard when you accidentally lose files and documents. It happens. Unfortunately, no one is exempt, and you’ll definitely thank me when you find yourself in this situation, and have the perfect software to help you out.

Do Yourself a Favor and Backup Your Data – Well, What Are You Waiting For?

Close your eyes and think about what would happen if your hard drive crashed right now and you could never get your pictures, documents, and financial data back just to name a few. Scare you? Stop right there and create a backup plan immediately.

MS Outlook’s Scanpst Tool

Scanpst.exe is very simple and handy tool which comes with MS Office suite. It is used to repair PST and OST files of MS Outlook in minor corruptions.

Recovery of a Lost Password

Windows password recovery is the tool used to recover and reset your lost or forgotten passwords. It very easily recovers your lost Windows password. It is very easy to use and doesn’t requires any technical knowledge.

Choosing a Reliable Data Center For Your Business

So you’ve decided that you want to contract a fully managed hosting service to take over your information technology infrastructure and free up your IT team for more pressing tasks. That’s a good decision to make, but there are still some other very important decisions to be made. Primarily, you need to figure out which of the many managed services data centers is going to work best for you.

Data Disposal Options For Your Company

Effective data disposal is crucial for many companies – so that no-one can access the sensitive data, and also so that the hard drives in question can be re-used – or indeed resold. The reselling option means it is doubly important to ensure all data is removed.

MySQL Database Repair

MySQL is the most widely used RDBMS in lieu of its low cost & important features which include support for number of platforms, creation and modification of tables, and their efficient management. MySQL is widely known for its stability but chances of the database being corrupted are probable. Any error in database can prove a major threat to the organization using MySQL for storing data. Today MySQL is in use by various organizations and for numerous reasons including web development. To maintain the reliability of MySQL and stability of the data contained in it, third party programmers have designed MySQL repair.

How to Avoid Hiring a Costly Computer Repair Technician When Your PC is Infected With Malware

As a computer repair technician, I can tell you that hiring someone like myself to fix your infected PC is much more expensive than the newest online malware removal tools. Find out how to fix your PC using one of these websites and avoid the costly repairs that computer techs charge!

Software For PST File Repair

You might have worked with Microsoft’s MS Outlook. It is a nice application that manages your entire work either at home or at office. This application comes with MS Office suite and the data stored in it is extended with extension called PST (.pst). MS Outlook is equipped with many facilities that help in proper handling of office works. It manages your appointments, important dates, contacts, meetings, notes, tasks journals etc.

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